747-8 Intercontinental Icing problem

The airliner is exposed to icing at altitude and falls, despite the fact that the effect of icing on the plane is turned off in the settings. Turning on anti-ice does not work - it does not work.

live weather overrides the the visual only setting, for the visual only setting to work you must be using weather pre-sets other than live weather (or posable REX weather too).

anti-icing on the 747-8i dose work for me.

just in case you are mixing up aircraft, the 787-10 has NO working anti-ice yet, and as such if its is cold enough for icing to happen you must set icing to visual only and use weather pre-sets other than live weather.

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Once out of the clouds, I’ll switch over to clear weather, and max out the temperature setting (about 60 degrees C at sea level). That should be warm enough to melt off the ice even at 20 or 30K feet after a few minutes, set weather back to Live and be on your way.

But yeah it seems that the last update completely disabled the 747’s anti-ice systems.