747-8 Issues - (Salty mod, or maybe not)

I have not tried this with the unmodified Asobo version. But I cannot get a number of external light switches to function using the mouse; landing, runway turnoff taxi. The only ones that work are the logo and wing lights. I don’t believe they are inop as they are very simple on/off functions.

Also I cannot for the life of me get the reverse thrusters to work properly on this AC with my Bravo throttle quadrant. I’ve watched several different youtube vids on this and none of the methods work for me. The methods include using the Throttle Decrease parameter mapped to the reverse lever ‘button’, using the Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust parameter mapped to a button, and using the Throttle Decrease parameter with a combo of the throttle detent and the reverse thruster lever (button).

I do have this working in other aircraft.

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I was asking about the 747.

The bravo, takes over almost all the light switch functions when you load the software. Try panel switches, that will make them work, and you TBOMM, cannot unbind them. And this affects all the light switches in all the planes. One reason I got rid of my bravo, aside from the size taking up all my desk space too. But additionally, something changed in the last SU update, and my flight controls are not working like they used to, and flaps/spoilers will not work properly when can find correct assignment for them. Two steps forward 20 steps back.

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Are you saying I cannot use the mouse to operate the light switches on the OH panel? I’m pretty sure it’s working in the PMDG 737-800. But it is not working in the 747 Salty mod or the 787 HD Mod.

YEP, that is what I’m saying. HC takes over all the switches on the panel with their switches. I cannot say about PMDG, as got rid of my HC Bravo, and only use my virpil, and use mouse, which works perfect. In the “settings area”, you can bind “light switch” options to buttons etc. I would check in that area, and see if you can edit them, if using the Bravo and mouse for switches is important. I believe the mouse actions is still active, just Bravo takes over from it.

I’d rather give up the aircraft than the Bravo. It doesn’t make any sense to implement something that way. I have probably 15 ac and this is the only one like that and I’ve have been simming for years.

So even though you deleted all the yoke mappings for the switches in MSFS it won’t let you operate the overhead lights etc with the mouse?

The AC is a great bird, been in service since 1970 or so. I actually flew on one or two of them when in Navy getting back to my command. DAL had some, stewardess love the plane too. Lots of room. I have not flown it very much lately simply because of sim issues and learning the PMDG 737. Plus, testing X-Plane 12 too. I have Check list, and assume changes have happened which have changed it, on my to do list to update, but just busy. Still MSFS takes up lots of time fixing/tweaking etc., than flying. It takes me at least 30-45 minutes (cold and dark) getting 737 ready for TO, and adding in the Flight plan etc. Then you got the actual flight too.

I really like the PMDG 737 and am comfortable with it after, like you said, many hours of configuration and research.

In general the payware AC are quite superior to the free mods. So the 747 salty and 787 HD mod have issues and I’m tired of trying to sort them out. Actually flying is good, but sim support, controller issues prevent me from enjoying them. The PMDG 737 is the only true study level airliner in MSFS.

I’m part of a United Virtual Airline and need a very good long haul AC. I’ve switched back to X-Plane 11 and am doing first flights on my Toliss 340-600 which is extremely well implemented both with the aircraft, EFB, sim configuration capabilities etc. Probably the most complete and therefore complex AC. I’ve spent a dozen hours at least and not there yet. And I’ve flown other Airbuses.

The DC Designs F-14 is close to Study Level, they say it is not, but it’s real close. Of all planes in sim, 747 to me was the best, just do not like the 787, and the way it fly’s. Waiting for the PMDG 747, as it should be excellent as well. So those 3 are the best in sim. Designing a world simulator/plane for it, included in it, is major work. I think Asobo has sorta learned along the way. Now better than at release, but IMHO, long way to go. Personally, as many have said. FIX sim first, worry about world last, they seem to ignore that advise, but did finally ask users to help “test new updates prior to release” so maybe learned something. I spend way more time “tweaking/fixing/getting controls to work” than actually flying, which is biggest complaint except not one letter of documentation for this WIP.

I use DCS for military plans. A10C II, - F-18C Hornet etc. Never tried one in MSFS or XP as initial looks are way not impressive comparitively. Plus if I’m going to have a military plane I want to blow stuff up.

Yeah - I spent way too much time getting MSFS working. Ratio of flying to sim related stuff was probably 1 hour of flying to 3 hours of fiddling. Not good. Same with XP when I star;ted some years ago. Now I have a relatively high performance PC and all the various controllers I need, so I don’t have to do too much fiddling unless I’m learning a new AC which is expected. I think the first year of MSFS I spent several hundred hours configuring, troubleshooting and I only logged 50 hours of flying. Probably more but I kept having to reinstall the entire product to fix things and it would lose all my settings and my logbook. Lovely.

Maybe I’ll have to try the 747 again soon. I actually prefer flying Boeing airliners and have a LOT of time in with these; 737 variants, 757, 767, 787. So it’s pretty easy to learn another AC in that family. Mostly it’s about learning the EFB and systems that support simulator options and controls.

So is it the MSFS 747-8 Salty Mod you like?

If you take the jump do not buy on marketplace, they prohibit loading weapons on it. But aint no place in sim to use them so maybe moot point. But to have option, get from this place, excellent service and sales after fact. Make profile, you get updates for plane through this website.

Welcome to Just Flight - The Spirit of Flight Simulation - Somehow affiliated with DC Designs I think regardless, excellent place to get planes, believe all warbirds or type.