747-8 unflyable even with mods after update

OK guys…

I hate to be the one to complain about stuff, Because I happen to know a lot of work goes into building these simulators.

But I have to be the one to tell the truth and to alert people to this.

Basically what I’m going to say is this, the Boeing 747 - 8 is basically unflyable even with salty’s 747 mod.

I use all my flight controls on easy…, and basically what happens is this here,:

when I go down the runway, I’m able to rotate at 160 knots, I can get it in the air fly it manually along the path, although not as good as it is done on autopilot; when I get up to about 5000’ as per usuaI, I clicked the button on my joystick which turns on the flight director/autopilot and the aircraft goes into a nosedive.

I can recover from it, if I turn off the flight director/autopilot on the joystick and I can fly it manually.

but if I tried to turn on the flight director/auto pilot the plane goes into a steep nosedive.

I even added salty’s 747 mod and it does the same thing.

the only plane right now that I can fly with any sort of real reliability is the 737 Max, it works fine but the 747 and the 787 as far as I know will not fly at all.

it’s like the autopilot does not know what to do.

Now, I’m sure that some so called “expert” is going to tell me how wrong I am.

but I know what’s happening here and something aint right, I used to be able to fly both of these planes with no problem at all especially with the 787 mod and the 747 mod by salty but now nothing’s working right.




I saw a post saying to activate A/P after 6000ft. Seems to work for me in the 78 and 74. Give it a try and let us know!

I shall say first that I have never tried the default 747 nor the mod etc. But generally it is not a good idea to switch on any autopilot out of the blue. FD first, add the modes you want and then once the FD bars are centered the AP can come on. Of course it is very possible that the 747 is simply completely messed up but maybe give this a try.

The 747 and 787 are flying nice, with and without AP. (you can engage the AP as soon as you are in a stable climb e.g. above ~200ft)

I’ve never altered any settings, but I have the suspicion that ‘all flight controls on easy’ can be the problem.

@k8cpachuck what modes have you selected prior to engaging the AP?
Furthermore AP and FD are separate items. You can’t engage both with a single button.
You should always takeoff with the FD on.

What do you mean that you can not get it into their as good as the AP?
You can’t takeoff with the AP.

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OK, let me explain things a little bit better. I guess I left out some important details.

this is how I usually set things up with 747 to take off I usually engage the rnav and vnav buttons. I will set the altitude to the inital altitude that tower Clears me to be at…usually I will bring the plane up to like 5000’ maybe 6000 and that’s when I will hit the button on the joystick to enable the flight director to take over.

I apologize if I got some of the terms wrong. I’m not a professional simmer by any stretch of the imagination

Usually what I do is once I engage the flight director and hit takes over, I do hit the speed override and bring it down to about 250 nautical miles because if you don’t do that it makes the aircraft hard to climb.

One mistake I was making was setting the altitude for the flight director at the maximum height that I wanted to obtain in the flight itself that I found out was a mistake because, There were instances when I would get to my next way point and the tower would contact me and I would tell him that I was at a particular height instead of saying that I was at a particular height climbing to the goal altitude and it would tell me to start descending so now I get the initial height from the tower when I’m on the run way I said it with the flight director and as I go I wait for the tower to tell me to go to the next tight and I reach over and dial it in and press the override button witches on the altitude selector hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

I love interacting with this form to tell him the trouble that I’m having…but sometimes I feel like I get lawyered to death by people who want a find fault with my reports…just my observation.

As with all industries, aviation and flight simming has very specific, custom language. This is because when we have conversations we want to be accurate in what we are communicating. It would be beneficial for you to learn this language if you want to make communication better in the future. There are a lot of flight simmers on YouTube that can familiarize you with this language if you want.

Let’s start with step 1.
When you say…

Are you talking about the “ASSISTANCE” menu or in the “FLIGHT MODEL” Menu?


Great. FYI, the assists have been known to cause control issues, especially with the airliners. You may want to set everything in Piloting to hard. It really doesn’t make flying any harder but it will confirm you are not fighting the AI.

Also, let’s confirm you do NOT have the Flight Model set to Legacy?

The problem with your report is that even after having read your post 3 times I don’t really know what you are doing and which buttons you are pushing and this makes it difficult to troubleshoot.
Here’s an example.

Are you starting a flight with the engines running or cold & dark?
If cold & dark, the FD will be off and pushing the LNAV and VNAV buttons will incorrecty show LNAV VNAV in white and TOGA above VNAV
(With the FD off, there shouldn’t be any mode selectable)

With the engines running the FD will be on and NAV VNAV in white and TOGA above LNAV VNAV.

The FD can’t take over. You should be following the FD commands (the pink steering bars) manually until engaging the AP.
If you actually have assigned a button for the FD, this action would, depending on your starting condition, only enable or disable the pink steering bars.
That’s all it would do, but that AP woudn’t take over.
This might e.g. explain why the 747 starts to descend.

Just tested. Took off (FD and autothrottle switches on) and LNAV/VNAV armed (white).
At VR I rotated to 15° nose up and LVNAV/VNAV switched to active (green) and thrust to THR REF.
At 500ft I engaged the AP (CMD).
Thereafter I only have to take over manually again at ~100ft for the touchdown since no MSFS default aircraft can perform an autoland.

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right, its on modern

im glad you said it. saltys mod throws you out of the sky and on the ils even with altitude hold. I dont get it.

Been using the airlines exclusively since I bought this game.

I didn’t notice any significant changes in the last few months in terms of the flight systems. Still flying them the same way I have before.

I use the Salty and 78XH mods.

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No it doesn’t. Salty’s mod works great. If you are being “thrown out of the sky” then it’s something else. Probably pilot error.

sorry, but you are wrong Salty’s mod hasn’t worked right since the last update.

an obvious pilot error.

How is it possible then that it works fine for me? Are we on different versions of the game? If the mod is broken, then it would be broken for everyone.

Basic logic, right? You say it doesn’t work; I say it does work. Therefore it cannot be the mod that is the problem. It hasn’t worked for you since the last update.

I’m trying to help you. But we’re going to need more information about what happened. Can you duplicate your problem with the 747?

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Saltys mod hasn’t worked or been updated since mod. Im now going to the a320 fbw mod and test that.

Sorry you don’t want my help in fixing the problem then. I guess I’ll go back to flying the 747 salty mod by myself.

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Taking advantage of the chat about 748/787 and its problems…,somebody knows, why do the 747-8 and a320n slow down mid-cruise to 240/ 243 NM’s, this is normal, this is something may i have miss of configurate?