747-8i LNAV oscillating?

Is anyone’s LNAV oscillating (going left to right) on the 747? Or is it just me?


I had it nose up and down after disconnecting AP. AC was not controllable anymore.

This arcraft is the badest from all IMO, i am scared about the next
Update and nothing there is fixed; if it is so i`ll must take a break
loosing my patience off this mind killing stuff :pensive:

cheers :wink:

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Pacth 1.9.5 still there, like JOJO!!..

Yea I guess asobo/microsoft just decided to deny their 747’s existance for now.

im still getting the stupid left right roll on the 747 it was fine until i reached cruise. I tried the A320 trick of turning AP on and off which works for that but no joy so ive given up with it for now and im going back to the 320 until it gets fixed (although they said they fixed it for the A320 but their “fix” has done sod all)