747 Annoyances after SU8

Xbox with 747-8 after SU8:

Spoilers no longer auto deploy on landing(handle either up or down)

Fmc Exec button stays on for most of flight even though no input was made or required.

25 Degree flap speed now not showing ( flap 30 never did.)

Any ideas?

I’d initially reported this in the first version of SU8 Beta as a bug.

Then, later, when I’d not understood how the lever behavior had been changed, I tested it again on the 3rd and final version of the Beta (what we are supposedly using as this fully released SU8 version) and the spoilers automatically deployed with the lever in the down position as the sim places it upon entering the cockpit. I’d not moved it out of that position, if I remember correctly. I’d just taken off, circled for an ILS and landed and they deployed.

I’m wondering if the moving of the lever “breaks” the arming function regardless of the up/down position.

I’m on approach to KSLC in the 787 right now, but I’ll test the 747 afterward and report back.

Well, the spoilers didn’t auto deploy in the 787.

I’d moved the lever…

I think I’m onto something here.

Is it possible to install the Salty mod on XBOX? I think that is tested as working with SU8

No. 10 characters.

Ok. Something has changed since the 3rd version of the Beta and this final release.

I just did a quick takeoff, circle, ILS landing at KSFO with the 787 and didn’t touch the spoilers lever — meaning it was in the armed position upon spawning on the runway.

They did not auto-deploy upon landing.

I saw this not working and then working in the beta, because I specifically tested both the 747 & 787 when the 1st Beta version came out and, then again, when the 3rd came out and someone else was asking about the spoiler behavior and I was testing some functions for them.

I don’t get it, but they are broken. I haven’t tested the 747 yet today, but the OP says they are broken.

@Jimfly3408 Could you please post this bug to Zendesk and then come back here and post your Zendesk ticket number to the post, please?

However, I’m certain you will need to break all the issues up into individual bugs posts, which is the requirement for bug reporting.


Bug reported to Zendesk and acknowledged,no number in acknowledgement.

Ok did some testing regarding the Auto spoiler on landing.

If you don’t touch the spoiler/speedbrake during your flight and it is in the default UP position then it works on landing.But if you use it during the flight it does Not work on landing.I did a load of touch and goes and there is a way round it,namely if it had been used during flight or touch and go just pull the handle Downwards then Up again to set it and it
seems to reload the function and works everytime(not sure if this is how the real one works??.)

Anyway it is a workaround

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Never had any of this issues, also im using a keybing comination to arm my speed brakes maybe thats why.

Never had any of these issues since yesterday or since the history of your time with the sim?

Because, we’re speaking specifically about post SU8, here.

Ik, i have been using beta since the 1st day and never had this issue, also i already made like 3 flights with the 747 after SU8 release.


When you press a keybind for “Toggle Arm Spoilers” do you see the lever handle go up and down in the 747?

I do not. This started in the beta, for me.

I have 2 keybinds one for arm (TAB + A) and another to disarm (L SHIFT + D)

When i press TAB + A the lever doesn’t go up or down, it stays in the normal position.

When i press L SHIFT + D when they’re armed they doesn’t move either, so might be a bug when trying to arm the speed brakes manually from the lever.

I also noticed that the arm and disarmed position is inverted, when they’re disarmed they’re supposed to be up, and when they’re armed you need to press down the lever.

So a fix for this is using keybinds to arm the speed brakes.

I have only used an axis and/or the Toggle keybind.

Interesting what you see with the alternate keybinds.

The animation for arming looks like it was meant to be reversed in SU8, because they had it wrong from release. It looks like down is unarmed and lifted up is armed.

Take a look from a 747-400 POH:

Found problem. Spoilers in default 747 are HARD CODED to ONLY deploy at same time as reversers. You can use your controller axis or keyboard (F2) and they WILL deploy when reversers kick in.
This is a BUG (dual assignment issue) because the sim lets you assign an axis to spoiler axis but it will NEVER work as again they hard coded to reversers. Fully tested this and this applies in all scenarios.

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