747 Auto Pilot - Climb/Descent doesn't is really unreliable

Put the 747 in autopilot. Cruise at FL430 - Tried to descend to FL350

Turned the VNAV feature off. Set the altitude to 35000 and the descent rate to -1800 feet per sec.

NOTHING - nothing happened.

Come on guys, this is basic stuff. How does this get released? It’s so bad even I am embarrassed for you.

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Several of the default airplanes are a work in progress. This is a known issue.
Even with VNAV not working it’s still a challenge to try to fly the 747-8i in touch and go circuits.
There’s also a challenging manual landing into JFK in the SIM challenges.
I too look forward to being able to fly a 747 in MSFS.

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Honestly they shouldn’t be putting development time into the default aircraft. They should be trying to enable PMDG/Qualitywings to work their magic as fast as is humanly possible…


PMDG is a crappy, greedy company with horrible customer support and service.

I thought this new version would really be “next level” where we wouldn’t have to deal with so many 3rd party companies.

The plane functions are very dissatisfying.


Yes Asobo always said they only created a platform. So keep away from airliners. Nobody here demands pmdg quality but a default airbus or boeing which is totally bugged nobody wants here.

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Wow, I’ve not had that experience at all, and I own every product and expansion that they make…

The problem is that crafting a plane with enough detail to make it realistic, is almost as much work as building the simulator itself. Asobo need to spend so much time working on the core of MSFS2020, they can’t make the planes work 100% accurately.

Thank god companies like PMDG exist who can then do the aircraft justice.

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Also noticed when loading a saved flight the auto-pilot settings were all changed. Tried only on the 747.

I too noticed some bizarre basic stuff that don’t work in the 747 and 787. Didn’t try the A320 yet. But come on… I get that not every single button is simulated and that some things are simplified, but basic auto pilot controls should work fine. Come on…


I’m having an issue with the autopilot being able to hold an altitude. It can’t seem to hold anything above FL220. If I set above the VS will sway back and forth +/- 2K ft for the whole cruise trying to even out the plane. Not only this this annoying, but it sucks up a ton of fuel. I started my trip from LAX>HNL with 100%, and landed with barely 30% left.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve tried everything. Futzing with V and L Nav, FL CH, VS, SPD, FD. Nothing seems to work. I think it’s a bug and if so needs to be fixed ASAP.

747 AP is all types of ■■■■■■ up. Just trying to hold an altitude and speed creates oscillations that get progressively worse. Just phugoid all day.


Yes. It’s very bad.

I have been on the 787 and it is remarkably better.

I flew the 747 for the first time today to test out the auto-pilot and encountered the same oscillations at FL280. It started out where the aircraft wanted to climb and descend about 200-500 feet each time and the auto-throttle would adjust to try and compensate for the altitude changes. After looking outside the aircraft, I noticed that icing was building up on the nose, wings and tail of the 747. I turned on the anti-icing features and it seems that helped to calm the auto-pilot and auto-throttle down. Within a few minutes the jet had stabilized out and was flying at FL280 with no problems. The interesting thing was that I was flying a short hop from Jacksonville, FL to Miami, FL with the current weather and there was icing.

Yeah, usually the real oscillation starts at a around FL300-310. I think it’s a trim vs autothrust problem. Around FL280, the VS dramatically slows down to like +300fpm. It’s mainly cause the trim locks at 100% and the plane can’t keep the momentum. As a result it signals a dive to vs-4500fpm, but then it will shoot up to vs+7000fpm. So annoying. Figured it’s been over a month so they’d have this fixed by now, but nope.

You have to get tour trim below STAB 8 (into the green zone), and then the oscillation will dampen. To do this note:

  1. Flying higher makes STAB greater (worse).
  2. But increasing airspeed makes it better.
  3. It also helps to have less fuel in the forward tanks (centre, 2 and 3).

Well if they include a plane in the sim, then it should work like it is supposed to work. Autopilot is a very basic function. Maybe people do not want to buy 3rd party modules, or people can not afford it. Every plane included should work like they are suppose to. I am using the free version on game pass. I want to buy the deluxe premium super uber version, or whatever they are calling it. But I will not until the included aircraft and other aspects work as supposed to. Im sure there are more people wanting to buy the deluxe version but are holding off until the bugs are fixed. So it is in MS best interest to fix the bugs so they can sell copies. The other thing, flight sims these days are a niche. Not like they were back in the 90’s. Now that it is going to be released on the xbox, which personally I do not think it should be, however this is a chance to bring in new people to the hobby. If the planes are buggy then I think it will die hard on the xbox.

Maybe I misunderstood your intent. I am not being critical, just saying that eveything that is included in the simulator should be bug free and they should put development into the sim to make it that way.