747 ILS Horizontal error

Not for the first time have I noticed an error with the horizontal ILS system of the 747 . The glideslope seems fine, its just the left and right that is in error. Eg. Approaching Shanghai ZSPD 17L on finals, with the ILS diamonds central it was obvious I was way off to the left of the runway. I had to cancel auto pilot to correct and land manually.
I haven’t seen this with the A320 or other aircraft just the 747.

Can’t confirm. Are you sure that this only occurs with the 747?
Have you flown the identical approach with any other aircraft as well?

That’s the well known offset ILS error in MSFS and it applies to all aircraft, but only with a few airports.

Many Chinese airports are affected by a misplaced localizer antenna AFAIK, even without the offset error.

Maybe coincidence, but I’ve only experienced this problem with the 747. Good idea to try the same approach with another aircraft.

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I’ve just tried the same approach in a Diamond DA40NG and can confirm the same event occurred.

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As the problem does not seem aircraft related, as it also occures for other aircraft, the topic was closed.