747 MINS knob does nothing?

Tried using this a few times. It doesn’t say Inop. yet it doesn’t appear to do anything.

I would expect it to show a set minimum on the PFD, in the bottom right if I’m not mistaken?

It should, yes.
I haven’t got it to show on the PFD.
I’ll be flying in a bit so will see if I get a “minimums” call at any point. I can’t recall getting one so far in the 747. Pity.

Later. . . It doesn’t work. It’s a shame.
The Minimums Callout adds to the drama of an approach in CAT conditions.

Yep! Big shame. Also tbf would be great to have a reference in case you forget what your minimums are in a scenario it is needed.

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Indeed. I’m really hoping some people get together and do a Mod on the 747 - I really like flying it as it is. It’s a big heavy bird - and you have to remember that. With some finessing of it’s flight dynamics it could be truly wonderful. I spent four hours doing some Base Training and proving down at LFLX Deols yesterday. First landing; Hopeless, second; better, third - getting there, fourth; absolute butter.
It’s my go to Airliner - that’s for sure. She’s a huge beast and you can’t fly it like an A320 and say it’s ■■■■ in comparison. People who say that are just showing themselves up as game jockys and not pilots in command.

Are you aware of the Salty simulations for the 747? Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

I had no idea.
Thank you very much for that. Looks just the thing.

Later. . .looks pretty quiet over there. Has the Salty 747 project stalled? There’s a guy who has made a load of really good changes which haven’t been included.

Definitely has quietened down since it originally got going.

It’s got a PIN on the Top. It got serious again. The 747 is getting good.
Stay Current for developments; https://github.com/saltysimulations/salty-747