747 radio shutdown midflight with patch

After having some random midflight shutdown issues on the a320 I thought I would switch to the 747 for a while…Good news is that the VNAV bouncing up & down seems to be fixed and I held a nice steady altitude for a flight from EGHI to EGSS.

As I was about to start descent however all of my radios stopped working…ATC window stayed open and appeared to be working but there was no response from ATC for anything I selected. I then flew to intercept the ILS signal ready for landing, but didnt pickup any signal (110.5 ISED). Seems like the entire radio system on the plane stopped working.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, common bug affecting almost, if not all aircraft in this sim.

yep - its a problem with many aircraft. Smaller Props and the Citation seem to be ok for me but all the big stuff is screwed.