7600 or 7800x3d?

Hi, I am planning to build a PC for msfs with a 7800xt GPU. I don’t know if a Ryzen 7600 or 7800x3D would be a good combo with the GPU, since I know that msfs can be CPU intensive, but also the 7600 is a good CPU choice for the price range.

7800x3d is basically the best CPU you can currently buy for MSFS. Definitely get that!

The sim benefits a lot from the vcache. I went from 7700x to 7800x3d and it’s a big difference.


If you are building a completely new system, I would go 7800x3d if at all possible. Total system cost wouldn’t be drastically more expensive than the 7600. If budget is a concern, maybe split the difference with a cpu in the middle, or consider the 5800x3d. I know AM4 has no future beyond this, but it’s still a great cpu for the sim and very budget friendly compared to AM5.

If you go with the 7800X3D your next choice should be the best RAM you can find.

I think it depends on your budget.

As others have said above the 7800 x3d is currently just about the best cpu for FS20 if you have the funds.

Another alternative though might be to get the cheaper 7600 as a temporary solution, save up and upgrade later to an 8000 series cpu (expected 2024), maybe even a 8800 x3d or whatever it might be called and to sell the 7600? The 8000 series is expected to use the same AM5 motherboard as the 7000 series albeit with probably a bios upgrade and will probably have better performance than the current 7000 series.

Here’s my parts list if any of you wanna take a look:

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