777 Pilots - Take a look at this wonderful documentary

Pilots of MSFS preparing to fly the incoming PMDG 777 (which should launch 2022) should, obviously, familiarise themselves with their own Company SOPs as a matter of course as well as the published PMDG Flight Manual and QRH.

But, in order to aide familiarisation, as an aside - it would greatly benefit Pilots to take some time to review this film that was shot in the early development of the T7 and will hopefully go someway to assisting pilots who either already have - or aspire to have - a Type Rating for the 777.

Captain Jim


I remember this documentary well!

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Me too… My brother showed it to me, while he was still a co on the 747 classic.
Shortly after he upgraded to the 777 and ended his career as a captain.
The fun part in the documentary ( to me) was the design and size of the cup holders in the cockpit :slight_smile:
I thought: cup holders? re-designed? Get out of here… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



But I’ll watch it anyway, looks informative lol

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There’s a total of four episodes totalling about 4 hours - from sketches on the back of envelopes to In To Service for AA - the launch customer.
Well worth wasting a wet Sunday afternoon to watch.

Just for that - you can have this;

It’s called “Contaminated Runway” - which should be programmed in to the FMC for the APPR!
(Defo program Runway - WET on the Approach Page :wink:

Beautiful isn’t it? Despite all its Automation it’s a shame that in in this photo it appears to be scowling so heavily.
NOTE; Tracking the Centre Line nicely though, WIND from the ahead Port Quarter - Right Rudder and a dip on the aileron to equalise - and keep it tracking down the runway.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a C152 or a B777 - the Principles Of Flight are the same.


I liked the good ol boy in charge of the engines for Boeing.

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You mean Grenville known as “Granny”.
I think someone on the forums here knew him when they were at Boeing and said he was quite a character.

Thanks for this!

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I’d print it big… with the text’ 777, everything else is rubbish’

Yeah that is a series I watched a couple of time because it was so close to the development process and so extensive.

It was also a great advertisement for Boeing. Unfortunately it went very much downhill from there.

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