787-10 Bounced on landing and stopped instantly like hitting a brick wall

I don’t know what happened but I conducted a routine landing ILS 27 into Miami International. Perfect airspeed, auto spoilers armed, auto throttle disarmed. Upon touch down which was very smooth, the 787 bounced strait up in the air and stopped instantly as if I hit a invisible brick wall on the runway. I’m a loss of words, is the a bug, has anyone ever had this happed before?

You probably had your parking brakes on when you landed. I have had that happen. You just have to check they are off before landing.


I one time had an issue at KPHX taxiing when approaching a gate at just about walking speed and the landing gear just broke… I respawned and was stuck, even at full power the A320 wouldn’t move… Checked brakes, nothing. There was some collision problem with the apron there.

I wonder if you just happened to touch down on a similar spot. But in my case when the plane broke, I just got the crash damage message… Didn’t cause me to bounce… But I also wasn’t going 140kts like you probably were.

I’ve had the bounce problem at KPDX so many times it must be a bug, or maybe I had a server connection issue with enough data lose that breaking my landing gear is routine with a perfect 3 degree AOA and speed at or lower than 165 and no control issues.
Sometimes it would bounce 3 or maybe 4 times. With no runway left to stop. I really don’t like that!
I do recall a pretty high bounce with the plane not able to do much, just a weird crash onto the runway.

Have you managed to replicate this multiple times? If not then a quick way is to take off from that same runway at Miami in the 787, climb straight ahead get up to pattern altitude, then use slew to warp back to maybe 4nm from the approach end and shoot an approach, after landing, slew it back again etc.

This is why it’s critical to ensure the seatbelt signs are on before landing.


I stopped so fast the airbags deployed. I guess a 787 can stop on a dime.

I going to give it a shot and see if that is the case. If it is, I will report it as a bug.

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You’re not kidding, my plane looked a Woodchuck bird walking while I was taxiing.

Did you follow a checklist.

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