787 After the last update

787 after the latest update


787 would be my favourite plane but these need fixing. ASAP.


I suspect a fix for the bouncing issue with the 787 after the last sim update will have to wait till next sim update. The fuel burn currently for 787 also seems odd as pointed out by a few users in this forum. I noticed with a default 50% fuel load the 787 can fly 10 hours with still 20% remaining at the end of the flight.

me too, especially after landing !

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lol I agree, the 787 is just unplayable, to think I spent 120€ just to get it…


They really need to get a 3rd party dev to get this plane sorted out

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They already had an undisclosed 3rd party develop at least some of the premium planes, I suspect the 787 is one of them.
The problem seems to be that asobo accepted the deliverables, and the 3rd party went away. Now they need to reengage to fix it, more money.

It does not resist analysis, simply embarrassing. Didn’t even have the time to check the updates?
Even a pre-kindergarten child would notice the circus behavior of the plane

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100% after the hot fix.

I am really hoping that was a case where the pilots had the fish and a passenger had to land the plane.
If those were actual pilots, the need some refresher training.

  • Instructor:

When the plane bounces on landing, what is the first thing the pilot must do?

  • Pilot:

Push the nose down to get the plane on the ground.

  • Instructor:


They ended up with this plane. :rage:

This issue was resolved with a hotfix (