787 approach systems completely bugged? (Or am I doing something wrong?)

Been trying some KPHX approaches with the 787 to see if I can get the systems to work and it just refuses to do anything right when I’m close to the runway. Flies the STAR and approach quite well actually (using LNAV and VNAV modes, following Steam Community :: Guide :: 787-10 Full Guide to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), Auto-Pilot, and ILS Landing for descending to ATC-assigned altitudes using VNAV), but once it has localizer and glideslope signals it starts to bug out. The localizer works fine sometimes but on this most recent approach it pushed me way off the side of the runway for a second before lining back up (was still 15-20 miles out, FMC had just switched guidance to LOC, worked out fine in the end but was weird). The real issue is with the autothrottle and speed coupling, though this may be my fault. Even passing the DECEL point on the approach (this was ILS 08 by the way), the VNAV outright refuses to reduce its target speed even if I put in flaps. I don’t have manual speed intervention on or anything. Just doesn’t slow down. Then when it captures the glideslope and switches to that for vertical guidance, it also goes to manual IAS mode and I have to turn the knob to control my approach speed (I assume that it should also be automatic depending on flaps, though again I may be wrong, I know basically nil about airliners). I don’t know what said approach speed would be, so I follow that guide and put it down to about 105 knots on short final. When I do that the aircraft pitches up aggressively without increasing throttle at all, which causes it to stall in a fashion similar to a flare, except a few thousand feet in front of the runway. It tries to land in the middle of a bunch of buildings, and crashes. Has the 787 been updated since that guide was made, requiring a higher approach speed, or is it bugged?

Looks like you are trying to fly a Boeing like and Airbus…this doesn’t work.
From which guide have you got the 105kts from? That’s way too slow in any case.

I’m not experiencing any significant problems with the 787 and ILS approaches.

Yeah I flew one at 125 a second ago and it went a little better. I got the 105 from the link I posted, they stated that the 787 had too much low-speed lift but that seems to have been patched. The only issue now is that it has no idea how to flare, and just completely drops the nose over the runway and comes down on all three wheels at once at about 400 fpm.

What do you mean “trying to fly a Boeing like an Airbus”? I haven’t actually done any flights in the A320 so I have no idea how it works, it just seems to me like the FMC not reducing the target speed even when on short final isn’t a realistic behavior. I have no idea though, I don’t usually fly airliners. This last approach it did cut the speed back automatically to 127 kt when I put the flaps out at full, so it might have been misbehaving on the others.

That’s because no default aircraft in MSFS can perform an autoland!
You have to disengage the AP latest at ~100ft AGL.

Oh well that’s just lovely. Not that I’m horrid at landings but I don’t trust myself with airliners very much at all. Not to mention autolanding is just kinda neat.

Also is there a way to keep the plane from capturing the localizer backwards? It did it for the second time today.

This guide is from Sept 2020, which means the speeds aren’t valid anymore and the flight model has changed a lot in the meantime.

The FMC calculated speeds are presently useable.

If you disengage the AP at 100ft there’s not much to do since the 787 is in trim and A/T maintains the speed.

Basically you don’t need touch anything until 50ft, disengage AT, at 30ft pull the thrust levers back to idle and break the sinkrate by pulling the nose up ~3deg.

Never heard about a backwards LOC capture problem. Haven’t even checked if a LOC backcourse approach is possible with the MSFS 787.

Never heard about a backwards LOC capture problem. Haven’t even checked if a LOC backcourse approach is possible with the MSFS 787.

Yeah it just did it again. I’m flying in circles on the ILS 08 at KPHX right now because it has no idea what to do. Can’t find a button or anything to go backcourse. Trying manually setting the course in the secondary control panel below the throttle lever, maybe that’ll do it.

You can’t manually enter the inbound course in most (if not all) MSFS aircraft. That’s a bug.
But IRL the aircraft doesn’t care about the set inbound course either.

What’s the LOC frequency you are using for the ILS 08?

edit: should be 111.75

111.75, off https://flightaware.com/resources/airport/PHX/IAP/ILS+OR+LOC+RWY+08/pdf.

Beauty of flying for me is as long as i can to fly manually on takeoff , and when see runway on app land manually if I establish ils and have visual app

I’ve had an issue recently where the autothrottle did not hold the approach speed, accelerating instead? The correct speeds were dialled in for the approach. Would not then accept any further speed adjustments at that point in manual or auto mode.

I’ve also had it disconnect from approach mode and engage LOC again, sending it into a nosedive on approach.

I find flaring the aircraft challenging, regardless of how much force you apply on the yoke - usually look for about 3 deg in pitch, but even that does not respond. Sinks like a stone into the runway. Speeds are correct.

Some of the issues are on me learning the aircraft more, but I’m unconvinced with others.