787 Autopilot Problems

Is anyone else having an issue with Autopilot on the 787?

For whatever reason, the autopilot is constantly trying to bank the plane into a very sharp right-hand turn. If I turn AP off, correct the path, and turn AP back on, it starts working again. For about a minute or two. Then it does it again. I’d had this issue before where it did it once or twice on a long flight, but never once every minute or two. If anyone else has experienced this, aside from not using AP, is there any other solution?

U might need to raise your deadzone and also are u using the default 787?

a) Yes, using the default 787.
b) I don’t think it’s a joystick issue. If AP is off, it flies straight. But I’ll try that. Is that set in the game, or via Windows configuration?

it’s in the game and there’s a 787 mod that is great if u want to try it sometime.

I had this problem back in December. I haven’t had a problem with it in a while. Don’t know if it got fixed or I did something different. The B78X is my long haul to fly. Sorry I can’t help you.

Yes. In the controls section where you adjust the joystick sensitivity etc.

I’m also using the default 787 and I’ve never experienced this problem.

doesn’t work with current version.

If u r talking about the 787 mod that one is a separate mod that actually gets updated and has more improvements to it and stuff added than the other mod ever did.

Yep, I have the same problem. Both LNAV and HDG modes are hit or miss. Not sure what the issue might be…

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if you are referring to this:


it hasn’t be updated since march, and the game updates rendered it broken…

It’s true it hasn’t been updated at flightsim.to but the development is still going on, and as I understand quicker than ever right now. I recommend downloading the current version (“Main”) from here:

Thanks for the ‘dead zone’ suggestion. I don’t get why it works - I can sit and watch the sensitivity screen for hours and not see any movement on the graphs unless I move it - but it does. Had to bump it up to 10% (5% didn’t cut it), but since then, no more wandering off into a right-handed death spiral issue.

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thanks! doing that now…

The dev version gets updated quite a bit like the other guy said and u should join the discord in case u ever need help with any issues, The dev is very helpful and a very nice guy.

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Had to do the same, also don’t know why, but it finally worked.

This issue has been driving me INSANE… I’ve recently been using the great B787 Heavy mod and yet the LNAV or heading select would not follow the flight plan, no matter what I tried.

I deleted the mod, reinstalled the base 787 and still same issue (yet every other airliner works perfectly with my setup).

I now increased all my deadzones from 5 to 10 and I think this may have solved the issue.