787 Autothrottle non-exsistant. Speed tape/altitude freeze

So on the 787 sometimes A/T works and sometimes it does not. The IAS ON button will not work half the time. So unable to get A/T to function. This has been an issue since day one with this plane.

Typically after lift off I press AP to get Autopilot going and then I press VNAV or I will press FLC depending on what I am doing and then A/T will sometimes work and sometimes not work.

Also I noticed today while flying all the sudden the Speed Tape just froze at 30 knots and would not move. This was also the same on the external view. Also the Altitude a few times just stops as well. Not sure what could be the cause of this but I am also not sure a mod is doing this.

It very easily could be a mod affecting it.
It could also be a livery.
The only way to find out is to remove them all and try.
Are you in modern or legacy flight model?
Did you try deleting the rolling cache?
Did you try deleting and reinstalling the 787?
Are your video card drivers up to date?

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