787 FMC Legs Bug?

I’ve never flown a 787 - but tons of hours on the PMDG 737 and Zibo

Is the legs page bugged or is there some kind of procedure?
After my LNAV flew me off course, I decided to skip the next waypoint and use the legs page to replace the current waypoint with the next

After I did it, the FMC added in additional navigational points that were actually behind me - points that I already had passed prior, and then a second copy of the desired waypoint again a few lines down.

Anyone else have this happen?
(BTW how do you set TOGA on this lol…i have to ga button assigned but i didn’t get any activation on the runway)

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Good Questions ! Looking forward to hearing some replies and the first update.

Ok this happened as well in the a320, I noticed duplicated waypoints … I think it might be from loading the flight plan that simbrief spits out.
I’ll have to try entering the flight plan in the FMC from scratch and see if that’s the issue