787 loses both PFD’s

787-10—Climbing thru 16000 for fl330 both PFD failed showing 16,200 and 275 knots. Standby worked normal. This was after the big update on 5/25.
Microsoft store version.
System is R9 5900 and AMD Radeon 6800xt.

Zendesk ticket not yet created.

I started having this problem last night. Glad it’s not just me.

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Yea, it’s happened 3 times now. Just freezes…both sides. The 787 has gotten to the point that I won’t use it anymore until they fix it. Too many bugs!

If you’re using the Heavy mod, delete it until it’s updated. It’s been bugged since the last performance update. XE still works if you have it.

I used the XH dev branch from their discord last night and it worked fine, no freezing. It’s after receiving a few nice upgrades since I last flew it too. Hope this helps.

same happens every flight