787 loses flightplan

Flying from egll to kmco yesterday, all good, even via the atlantic tracks, passed newfoundland, eastern seaboard of New York all on track, got to approaching Carolina and my track line went white from magenta and my next waypoint was way off the track line, totally lost the flightplan on the screen but it was still in the FMC, anyone had the same issue?.

It may be the same issue I had flying into Svalbard. This far north, the ND map becomes dysfunctional on aircraft. Same for VFR map. This may need to be raised with ZenDesk. You may be in that “black hole” where avionics equipment begins being strange. AC will still follow the flight plan and navigate properly but you are blind and can’t tell where you are.

Thanks Boston, appreciate your input, however the AC was not following the FP, it was way off the mark, me thinks I will report the issue to ZenDesk.

I guess, my question is… how do you know it’s way off? If you can’t tell by either VFR map or the ND display in the aircraft, how do you know it’s not following it correctly?

Because on the ND the magenta line turned white and on the VFR map the aircraft icon was so far away from the line, just out of interest, did a short flight yesterday, same aircraft, from Manchester to Munich and no problems at all, nigh on spot on.

Like I said, you can’t look at ND OR the VFR map - they don’t work that far north.