787 speed brake lever armed/retracted positions incorrectly swapped

Guys please also submit zendesk tickets for this problem as that will get it on to their official bug log. Being confirmed as known on the forums isn’t the only way to guage if something will be fixed.

Keep using zendesk whenever you experience it (which is every time) and the attention will shift.


Edit: Also Note that this is both the same problem for the 787 and 747 right now. To auto deploy spoilers the lever needs to be at the down detent instead of armed. It’s not the end of the world but is a silly bug.

Luckily, from the September developer Q&A, Working Title did confirm that they will be working on updating the 787 and 747

Yes I can confirm. It it reversed armed is disarmed and disarmed is armed. It looks for now that the temporary solution is to treat armed position as disarmed and disarmed position as armed. So if you want your spoilers to behave as they should on touchdown … disarm them. Hope this gets fixed soon.

This is true but its going to be a long as hell hot minute before they get to it. They are going to have the CRJ and G3000 hopefully by the end of the year. That will fix up 3 of the default planes. Never the less I cant wait till they work their magic on the 747/787

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It’s true . I’ve disarm it instead of arm it before landing and it’s extend on touch down
Thanks for your answer.

Glad to help

I am very disappointing to see that this bug will probably not be fixed in SU7, as the number of votes for it has not increased…

It hasn’t been identified as a bug either.

Not a big fan of this vote system. I’m betting people dont realize that its even broken because most people are not on an external camera in the middle of a landing. As soon as we get replay functionality it will probably get more attention sadly and not now.

Voted on yours as well for what it’s worth.

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Okie dokie - so the spoilers are still reversed post SU7. I am hearing there are issues with people not having the thrust reversers engage - I have not had this issue as of yet. Also the HUD is now all out of wack - I think they lined it up so that it actually has the aircraft centered but forgot to center the HUD on a camera view - making it worse than before.

This beta program does not seem to be aware of this problem.
How can I get it recognized? :sob:

Hi All

Does anyone know if the 787 speed brake issue ie 'speed brake lever armed/retracted positions incorrectly swapped]
has been recitfied as I am having trouble deploying speed breaks either in the armed or down position. Any advice appreciated

Speed break on Boeing TM is in opposite position. Not just me, I see others with the same problem but no solutions.