787 Taxiing issue

Good evening fellow aviation enthusiasts! Before the most recent update I had no issues with the 787 taxiing around airports… but now it seems as the aircraft refuses to turn at low speeds. The aircraft also refuses to start moving until 80% thrust is applied. I have checked my brakes and all that other stuff and even tried other aircraft but the 747 and the A320 act “normally” (not a real pilot so i cant tell) but as far as feeling goes they feel fine. Does anyone else have this issue?


Yeah, I have the same issues generally. Once you do get a taxi roll started, however, what I figured out tonight - after having read about it generally somewhere else in the forums - is that if you basically treat your rudder control on the ground as if it was a bicycle pump, you will turn much more easily and sharply. So to turn left onto a taxiway, don’t just hold your rudder control sharp-left, but instead repeatedly “pump” it left over and over and again, you’ll turn tightly and smoothly. Same thing for turning right. It’s almost as if, once on the ground, each directional movement of the rudder control nudges the nosewheel further on one direction or the other.

Honestly, once you figure it out, it’s not hard to turn sharply in either direction, but it is annoying. It would be much better if, while taxiing, the nosewheel steered proportionally to the amount of rudder input but clearly that’s not the way it’s working right now.

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Took my first spin in the 787 today on 1.9.3 and ran into this same issue. What I found was that if the plane stops with the nose wheel turned then the plane basically gets stuck. Which can easily happen if you hold the turn. The wheel stops rotating and the plane simply stops. I found that I had to apply massive (80%+) power, which leads to the plane driving the turned wheel straight forward – the wheel basically serves as a brake at that point until the wheel straightens back out. You can see this if you jump to an external view. Try turning again (again, holding as you normally would), plane stops, rinse & repeat. Never really turning. Quite frustrating. I ended up applying the same technique that @LameLefty mentions by continually wiggling the wheel/rudder as I turn. Constantly bringing it back to straight just briefly to keep the wheel rotating and avoid getting stuck.

For me, since the patch I’ve had no issues with the 787 turning. After I read about other people having issues I tried it out myself and found it to turn well and sharply at normal taxi speeds, not just slow. However, the 747 still gives me some trouble taxiing and I find that I do have to be taxiing slow for it to turn sharply. As for the A320, it has always been and continues to be the best at turning while taxiing.

As for power, I find that I don’t really need much to get the 747 or 787 going. As for the A320 though, I tend to need nearly 50% power sometimes to get moving. I actually posted my own topic/forum in regards to this issue. It’s a minor issue at this point, but after watching numerous YouTube videos online, IRL the A320 (and most other commercial jets) don’t typically need much power to get moving and often times the engines are still at basically idle. Once the brakes are released, the aircraft begins moving. I watched a video of an A320 taxiing at KMCO (Orlando) and it made the long taxi all the way down to runway 36R. I never heard any power increase during the entire taxi, the engines basically stayed idle the whole time. It’s almost like I’m about to take off when all I’m doing is just taxiing. Also, you have to keep some power input because once you get moving and reduce the power, it wants to slow down quickly. It almost seems that the wheel friction is set unrealistically high.

Now, this all depends on slope so I would take that into consideration. One time I had pushed back and when I released the brakes, my A320 actually started rolling backwards due to the slope. So, that can also be a factor in how much power you need to taxi. However, I’m really glad someone else has noticed this issue of taxi power as it seems just a bit unrealistic. Again, minor issue for the time being.

I think the 787 is still broken. The team addressed many issues with today’s update but sadly the taxing on the 787 still exist. How to we get this fixed…


still waiting for an update. taxiing nearly imposible

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I was hoping you guys would mention the annoying bumps when taxiing as well, i have submitted a request for that one as well with the turning together.

yes bumping gear also !

Bumping again… seriously it’s a game breaking bug for the 787 at this point, it’s the same for the 747 by the way, it’s been like this for months but now it’s even worse, it barely turns even at 20 knots.

Roll in 30+ knots with the 747, you’ll be able to turn better. Keep in mind that it’s a big airplane.
I fly the 747-8 regularly.

Folks, you should check your payload and center of gravity.
Wrong data can stick the airplane on the ground.