79gb update will not start. steam version

My update will not start. I’ve restarted the sim 20 times now, still not taking the update…

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davon gibt es bestimmt schon 25 anfragen

today MS will announce when that update will be delivered.
some believe on saturday but nobody knows.
no need to reboot before …

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The update isn’t ready and the size you see is the current size of your software on your disc

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From what I gather on here and other forums it’s not actually out yet even though it’s showing in the content manager tab . Have noticed the same thing myself .

the real shame is the lack of communication by MS/Asobo having dozens and hundreds of users speculating which is understandable imho re the amount of bugs etc.
it would be so easy to speak out the roadmap, but my guess is that MS/Asobo is in real trouble
thus forgetting important principles of gamer communities etc.


We are currently working on releasing a patch to address stability/performance and loading issues. It is currently being tested by our teams internally and we hope to release it soon. Information on the contents of the patch will be released tomorrow along with the date.


I don’t get it.

They announced days back that more info will be released on the 27th, also regarding a patch.
On numerous forum posts they replied that more info will be announced today.

They also replied on issues in the forum that they are working on it behind the scenes.

So IMO perfectly fine communications so far.


Its sadly the nature of people


It seems to be out for Game Pass users since a friend just started installing it from there and he’s got a 152GB download instead of the usual 90 and some. Nothing on bought version yet.

Thanks for the feedback. Will just be patient then…


They use exactly the same installer that everyone else uses once you get pass that initial 1GB. I also have nothing new when I use Game Pass.

I have the Game Pass version and no update. Also, the real patch (for fixing bugs/performance and so on) will come via Microsoft Store, not via the in-game content manager/installer. That’s only stuff like sceneries/aircrafts. At most it can update an aircraft making it less “heavy” aka more frames.

But serious bugs or performance issues are in the game core engine only to be fixed via Microsoft Store update, which is not released yet.

What are you ralking about, there was a post about it https://www.flightsimulator.com/august-20th-2020-development-update/

The team is currently working hard to provide a patch update to address issues that have been recently reported. Expect a release date for the patch in our August 27th update.

So on their update (possibly a VLOG) they will announce when the update will come out, it is crystal clear.


No not, necessarily. Normally (during alpha) you’d need both. The new store version will enable the core patch to be downloaded. But the core module is the module containing the fixes.


I dont know what you searching for. Everything is communicated:


What I was trying to say is that the game engine and the core files are not “content” nor seen in the content manager AFAIK. So I tought (and still think) that any updates to the core module you are reffering to is coming via MStore.

But I didn’t know there was a difference from Alpha. Thank you!

It’s all on the main website:

And Zendesk:


The problem is people read stuff on gaming sites like this that get things wrong, it’s just bad reporting - https://ag.hyperxgaming.com/article/10777/microsoft-flight-sim-update-coming-august-27

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Please use english in the forum! :blue_heart: