8 hrs flight achievement, seriously?

That’s boring even for real pilots, they do it because they get handsomely paid. Some youtubers do it because they also get “paid”. Am i really supposed to sit behind my PC for 8 hrs straight? Every manual advises us to stop playing after 4 hrs or something. Starting a 10 hrs flight then going to school or work can’t be it. The Asobo to Microsoft flight can probably be shortened by using the direct to descent or approach function, not sure though, which would be ok. Achievements no doctor would recommend or require off screen time to become bearable are nonsense. Since people have already gotten the achievement they won’t remove it but consider different achievements next time.




Hi Sath68
What point are you trying to make with your thread?


You set the autopilot and an alarm, and then come back later after going to bed, or doing something useful. The achievement isn’t for how long you can sit at the computer. The achievement is for being able to keep the simulator running that long without the gremlins flipping the MURDER MODE switch on the AP or a CTD.


Achievement hunters want realistic goals. I am fine with 1000 hrs of playtime, that finishes automatically over time but flying for 8 hrs straight is something i cannot do and no one should. This thread is of course for people who care about achievements. I got 'em all in FSX but this one kills me.

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Mom, stop telling me what i can or can’t do!

Most people don’t care about achieving pretend awards, but this would easily be done with autopilot and about 2 hours “actually” behind the computer (for takeoff, ascent, descent, and landing).

Really not an issue and with all the valid issues in this game not something to complain about.


Climbing Everest is an achievement for some. Not everyone can or wants to do it. Taking second/third place is also an achievement.


People use to set the AP, then Alt-Tab to Netflix or whatever. I personally find no joy in that, but I understand it if people like it.
I fly no more than 1.5 or 2 Hrs (including startup and taxi). There is a precise point during the gameplay that I feel I am not playing but following bureaucracy and paperwork, exactly there is a limit for me.


So because you don’t want to do it you want them to remove it? That makes me LOL.
I have made several 8 hour+ flights on P3D and X-Plane without time acceleration and only leaving my PC for a couple minutes to eat or go to the bathroom. And I know many other people does this. I suggest you try one of those flights sometime, Amelia Earhart style. You may like it.


Literally no one is forcing you to get this achievement.


I wouldn’t even try it to get the achievement specifically considering how badly bugged the achievement system is.

Most of the achievements I got, I was given without actually doing it ( for example, I got the one for landing on a grass runway while at FL300 over the Mediterranean). And the ones I did try, most I wasn’t awarded anyway.

Seems like the acheivement system is about as reliable as the log book.

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I haven flown for 20 hours straight but was behind my screen 2 hours

What a ridiculous thread hahaha

Just dont do it?


Not everybody does long haul. To assume that is arrogance. Eight hours for somebody running many, short Vfr flights would be an achievement.

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Who said you need to be enabled to achieve all the achievements without having to get an inch out of your comfort zone?

Obviously, there are a lot of simmers who enjoy long-haul flights. I certainly do. I consider them relaxing and I’m definitely not required to look at the screen for the whole eight or more hours.

I loved reproducing the 13-hour flight I usually take from Milan to Tokyo (especially considering that now I can’t do it in real life), even if I don’t yet have an a330 to do it exactly as in reality.

If you find it “boring” that’s perfectly fine. You can live without the achievement.

Demanding that games are tailored around what you personally find fun or boring is pretty juvenile.

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So you’ve never done a transatlantic flight? Achievements are there to challenge you otherwise it wouldn’t be an achievement, now would it?


Flying to Sagittarius A* in Elite Dangerous is an achievement, it takes weeks if you’re only playing a couple of hours a day. Doing the whole lot in VR is an even bigger one. This thread is funny.


I don’t understand this thread at all…

This is so so simplist as I’ve never read so far…I’ve been flying long flights crossing the ocean in rl, do you think that it’s because of a good pay? As a grounded flyboy now, in front of my sim I even do it from time to time because it’s enjoyable for me and I don’t get pay by simming!
It’s because of passion my friend and so many other variables that it can’t be reduced to your limited statement, what do you know about real pilots? Are you? :wink:


These Achievements are just optional. I will not do that fly, but others will do. There are in special for this long-flight lots of users which love to flight the big’-airplanes, which are made for.

Thus no issue at all.

Try being a youtuber… its 24/7 not a shift job. Trust me… i know. But I still relax to long nostalgic flights and watching a movie or something.