8700k to 13600k - worth?

Thinking of upgrading my 8700k to a 13600k. On paper it seems like a no brainer, but looking at benchmarks it seems the 13600k has only about 30% better single core performance. Obviously msfs performance is based highly on single core performance, so I’m not sure dropping $450 on a new cpu and mobo would be worth a 30% gain.

8700k is OC to 4.9, I’d OC the 13600k as well.

GPU is a 2070. FPS struggles sometimes with the 737 in large airports with traffic.


I am wondering the same thing. I am currently using an overclocked (5GHZ on all cores) 8700k. In combination with a RTX 2080. I would like to upgrade both, the GPU (to RTX 4080 when it comes out) and the CPU either to 13600k or 13700k. But I can’t do both upgrades at the same time.

I think a GPU upgrade would give us the greatest quick FPS improvement, but the 8700k might be slightly bottlenecked at least for my gaming in 1440p. Actually, I am trying to find out how bad the bottleneck would be if there is any. My 8700k is not bottlenecked at all…CPU never is over 30 to 40%. While the RTX 2080 is running at 100%

From experience I find a GPU upgrade gives the biggest performance boost that’s if you’re gpu bound. If you’re on 1920x1080 a CPU upgrade will help.
My GPU will be my next upgrade. Dont plan on upgrading my 10700k anytime soon.

I can tell you that I went from a 9700K clocked at 5GHz to a 12900K running stock with the most-used p-cores at 4.9GHz and I’ve seen a significant uplift in main thread performance (lower thread times) and am essentially never CPU-limited any more. To be fair, I was mostly GPU-limited before too. I absolutely saw a significant improvement in FPS in complex scenery, though. I also think that moving to DDR5 RAM had an effect there. But that’s just my experience and honestly, YMMV.

There’s no silver bullet to be had.

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Thanks all for the replies. I tone down my settings a bit, mix of high and medium. Pmdg 737, KORD, 30 to 40 fps at the gate. No traffic. It bounces from main thread to gpu limited, but mostly main thread. Judging from research I think upgrading my 8700k will give a marginal improvement, then I’ll be gpu limited. I don’t want to buy a new gpu now, so I might still get the 13600k, then do the gpu later, even if the cpu wouldn’t be a huge performance boost.

It’s just surprising that a 5yo cpu can hold up so well. I figured updating it would give a significant boost, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

Yeah the 8700k is a a beast for it’s age…i run mine @5gz with hyperthreading disabled. Cpu watercooled stays in low to mid 70’s…have the 3090fe and it seems like a good pair in msfs…mostly cpu limited with occasional gpu limited message…compared to the initial launch of msfs to now with dx12 the sim is running at it’s best it ever has…prior to update 10 i had it in my mind i needed a cpu upgrade…but now I’m very satisfied with the performance I’m getting. Pretty much every setting on ultra, 5120x1440 (render scaling@125%), no vsync, no dlss…using TAA. At gates like Klax or ksfo I’m getting 32-40fps…on runway seeing 38-47, in air 60-65. Mostly importantly i no longer have micro-freezing, the scenery flows beautifully and I’m satisfied hardware wise.

I’d say you could squeeze more time with the 8700k and upgrade your gpu…you should be able to max out settings and have good frames…8700k is no slouch its almost unfortunate that newer gens don’t just flat out murder it…would be easier to justify in my mind
Heard some good things about the 13th gen…so maybe would be the better route for you…another thing holding me back from cpu upgrade is the ddr5 pricing…can’t do it…i remember being an early adapter to ddr3 and paying stupid prices for that…then watching the prices drop rapidly…too rapidly for my liking…vowed to never do that again…so for me i won’t be touching ddr5 till the prices get sane.

In the meantime if you haven’t already, try switching off hyperthreading and running the sim…cpu will generate less heat and you might get some added performance.

Tough decision ya got…either way cpu or gpu you’re gonna see improvements so cheers to that!

***just realized the length of this post…ugh!

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Good post Lou. Seeing you with a 8700k and 3090 working well makes me think just waiting and getting a 3080 12gb might be the way to go. I’m also not running 4k, so I’m not pushing the hardware that much. If intel was like amd and I didnt have to buy a new motherboard I would have upgraded already…

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Here is a good reason to upgrade the GPU. The performance difference between 3440x1440 to 2560x1080 is phenomenal! Most settings are on high. Its unlikely a CPU will give that big boost unless its a really old one.

The 8700k was a very good CPU that held up and still holds up very good in most games. Especially overclocked to about 5Ghz. But it will not hold up forever…need to upgrade mine either now or with next gen intels next year.

@Louforgiveno: Disabeling Hyperthreating on the 8700k is actual improving the performance in MSFS? by how much?

I can’t say atm…maybe I’ll test sometime this week.
However soon after releasing msfs…the community sermed to find that disabling hyperthreading improved stability of the sim…i disabled hyperthreading at that time and increased overclock from 4.8 to 5ghz…definitely helps with temps and haven’t seen any performance loss across the board…
I’ll try some tests this week hopefully

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I upgraded my i910900K to an i513600KF, and I’m very happy with the result! No longer cpu limited. Bye i got a 3080TI, running in 2k. Performance is smooth sailing now.

Edit: the 13600K is rated 41% faster single core:

If you use this page and pull up the 8700K compared to a 13600K, you get 61% higher single core speed on the latter.


The only CPU I would even consider buying now for MSFS is the 5800X3D.

I see that it performs well against the 12900ks, but how does it stack up next to the 13600k? Looks to me like the 13600k beats it in both single and multi core performance.

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Hi again. Rgd choice of CPU is off course by taste as well. Many users prefer AMD over Intel, and vice versa.

Looking purely on numbers just give you a hint of how the CPU performs. It also depends on your entire system to work accordingly good, and that your other hardware is matching well.

I en have never used AMD myself, so my opinion is subjective :slight_smile:

Looking at the numbers only, the 13600K is approximately 30% faster than the 5800X3D, but again, this is only numbers.

I am not trying to start a discussion here what CPU is better. The author asked about the 13600K and i can highly recommend it :slight_smile:


any motherboard recommendations for the 13600k or 13700k? One that is decent and allows moderate overclocking without costing more than the CPU?


I went with the Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI D4. Its a good board, that supports PCI-E 5/4/3 and also has 3 slots for M2 drives. I also like the layout rgd the positions og the different connectors. Suits my case good :slight_smile: (I have a NZXT 510i case). Note: This board doesnt support DDR5 RAM, so If you plan on going all the way, you probably going to need a Z790 ore similar)

Just to mention: Use a 13600KF (without the inbuilt ghraphics), 32GB DDR4 Hyper X ram, and an Asus Geforce 3080TI card. My HDD is one Viper and one Kingston KC3000, both PCiE4x m2s. I am very satisfied with my setup now. Running DX12 with TAA in 2K resolution, with almost all graphic settings on ultra. Have locked the FPS at 50% monitor refresh rate which is 30 for me, and FPS is constant, and frametime stable, anywhere I go in MSFS :).

(PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4|Motherboards|ASUS Global)


Ok, I ordered a 13700k, MSI MPG Z690 Edge Wifi for DDR5 and ordered 32 GB of Corsair DDR5. That will be used in my existing rig with a bunch of Samsung EVO M2 drives and the DarkRock Pro 4 Cooler I already own…can’t wait to put it together. And then in a few month I will upgrade to some kind of 4000 series Nvidida GPU…after all the launch problems are fixed.

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I’m thinking of doing the same. The main performance bottleneck I’m experiencing is flying airlines on vatsim. Mostly around takeoff and landing, along with taxiing. Everything else is great, at least at 2k resolution.