90% of those unhappy

It’s all about the download and install. It might be a good idea to simply provide discs.

I vaguely remember someone saying something about them having discs come with the premium deluxe version.

They’re only available in Europe. There must be some logic to that.

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There is a disk version of it, I think. It’s like 10 disks, too XD

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My friend has bought DVD disks, and cannot start playing because the game never loads into main menu

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I had that problem. Running as admin fixed it for me. Worth a try.

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He said he tried, but I cannot really help him much since I have Steam version and it works absolutely fine for me

Go here and follow the clean boot instructions that is what helped me. I did all the updating and checking and did not work until the clean boot. So now I need to find the offending program.



Ok Mr. Power Bi. Show us the stats.

discsi :face_with_hand_over_mouth: dude speak for yourself i would never put another slow cd rom of any kind in my system,
I did’t have one problem downloading the sim took all of about 45 min. got to be your system and a slow ■■■ internet.

It only took me about 2 hours to download the game because I don’t have the fastest internet but I also work at home so I just let it do its thing while I finished my shift.

Discs in 2020??? What a stone age you are living in.
I don’t even have a CD-ROM.

I personally would have opted for disc. So I agree.

I don’t either, but I’m just trying to help those who have terrible download problems.