930 - Power/Prop Management

Hi there,

After a few flights with the 930, watching most of the tutorials on YouTube and consulting the POH, I just wanted to check that there is no need to adjust prop pitch?

I know it’s a variable pitch/fixed RPM prop, but none of the operating procedures suggest doing anything other than managing the torque/Ng through the throttle. (Aside from reverse thrust/feathering when required).

Is it really that simple?

Yes, basically it is that simple!! When they build the 930 series, the company (IRL) incorporated a process that automatically changes prop pitch/RPM in coordination with the power settings and torque detected. It’s a major step up from having to manually set pitch/power constantly (and remembering which goes back or in first!!). Many (many!) years ago I did my “complex” aircraft transition training in a C-182, and it always seemed such a pain to be constantly monitoring and making changes for different flight phases. So bless the Daher folks!!
Now having said that, the current settings don’t always result in realistic results (temp/torque/etc), but MS and Asobo have acknowledged the issue and it’s on the roadmap to be fixed.


Thank you! Given the lack of a blue lever I suspected it much have been some form of autoregulation. It really does help reduce pilot workload…which I just as well given the amount of time I spend fiddling with the G3000…