99.9% Of Us Would Love An Option To Turn Off These New Features

Cant Use Controller Because Its Broken
CTDs Every Time I Open MSFS I Feel Like A Beta Tester
Try Changing Key Bindings Just For It To Revert Back To Default
Although The Performance Was Good LOD is Messed Up


99.9% huh? That’s an oddly specific number :wink:


I agree with MoneyBlair and not because we share the same avatar, lol! The controls are the worse I’ve ever experienced in a game. The Controls Options are full of bugs. At least allow PC users to have it as before. Hell allow us all to decide if we want to upgrade! LOD is broken, jetways and other objects at airports are not visible depending on camera distance, specially on airport addons from the Marketplace (clipping camera planes or LODs are messed too).

Also noticed more banding on color gradients.
Air temperature is huge at high altitudes affecting aircraft performance and being totally unrealistic with the live weather on. Contrails feel like there is smoke coming out of the engine instead of being heat and exhaust gas condensation. It used to look better with a bit of opacity gradient until condensation starts away from the engine. Sure Xbox users who never used a sim are having fun, but quite a lot of us PC users and moreover, seasoned simmers are not having a great experience with this update. It truly feels like a downgrade and the worse update since release. FPS are great but at what cost?


Agree. My dream it was to be in the previous version, perfect stable to me with tons of addons. Now with community folder empty I have CTD all the times. I don’t have courage to spend more then 15 minutes in a flight.

Which new features? If you mean all of SU5 then I most certainly don’t want to revert. There are some new issues but this is the first patch I’ve played (since March 2020) that is truly playable for me.


I don’t want to turn them off, they work great in my PC, especially LODs, which are not messed up at all.

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