9th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Himalayas - DA62

9th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Himalayas - Dimond DA62

World Tour Part 17 - Kullu Manali (India) -> Thalchi (Nepal)
Server Stuff:
Comms: Flight 05 (subject to change, look for FootanMouth in discord) https://discord.gg/h8qtbudz
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather (Game Time 06:00 UTC)
Airports: VIBR, 31°53’06.7 78°44’27.1, VARD, VIDF (Fuel), VNST, VNJU
Aircraft: Diamond Aircraft DA62NG
Duration: 3:00
Purpose: Flying around the world in light aircraft, exploring the Himalayas.
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s
Not doing real ATC or worrying about how people decide to land, please let people be heard when they are giving directions or asking for help.

Pics of previous flight

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