Oh yeah, its real bad. The sound is off and kicks in late. Fly’s like ■■■■. No way you can take off from an air craft carrier as it cannot build enough speed to take off even on the longest of runways.
MSFS needs to give refunds for this POS and yank it from the store before the XBOX release on the 27th. At 19 bucks Canadian its a rip off. I would pay $50 for a Warthog, this is not worth $5.

No way you can take off from an air craft carrier

The A-10 was not designed to do this and never has in real life, so other defects aside I hardly think you can fault the sim version for it. :wink:


I cannot even get enough speed to take off from a the Winnipeg International Airport. Its not throttling up hi enough. Something is wrong :frowning:

I just have one thing to say about this model: Where’s the cannon? It’s a crime to create an A-10 model and leave out the literally central part of the plane. I’ll wait until a more reputable developer creates it. Until then I’ll just keep flying it in DCS.

The Marketplace does not allow weapons on aircraft


PS.: if you want fly A10 , do it in DCS ( A10A and full modelled A10C ) :wink:

I’ll stick with Dynamix’s A-10 Tank Killer:


Pretty amazing game for 1989! Looks like it holds up against this latest incarnation.


Bet this still has more functionality than the MScenery effort

Wow! That brings back memories!!

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Yes, it does. They don’t work, but they are there.

Never even knew a Warthog was in production…happiness levels through the roof as it’s one of my favourite warbirds ever, then I realised who released it and no, no ,no no and no a few more times just to say how much I meant no…these absolute rip off merchants ain’t getting a single penny off me ever.
In the grand scheme of things it probably means Jack merde to them if one person doesn’t buy their ‘product’ but it makes me feel a whole lot better :beer:

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Apologies for a double post but was this released anywhere else before it hit the Marketplace? It came out of the blue and if true then it’s a free for all and expect to have all sorts of utter tripe being released to take advantage of gullible new X-box users…a bit depressing actually

Nope. It’s a Marketplace exclusive for now, at least.

That’s rather worrying going forward but hey, chasing the almighty dollar takes precedent I guess…and my new thread on how the Marketplace was becoming a bit of a joke was removed by the mods on here… Mr. Orwell, you’ll never know how correct you were!!

Ah yes, MS Scenery… feeding off the tears of buyer-regret for years.

How in gods name is this rating possible?? Keep in mind, with a 3.4 rating its rated “better” than the MB-339 by indiafoxtecho or the f15 and on par with the spitfire!? how…


Self-lies to overcome buyer´s remorse sometimes lead to 5 out of 5 stars reviews.

Or two of the four buyers enjoy some intense arcade-flying with outside camera and instantly voted 5 and the two other customers voted 1 which calculates into a solid ~3* out of five product.

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Sorry, I learned all I needed to know about buying aircraft from the Marketplace from the KitFox.
No, thank you.

statistics are just often useless if you not know the facts/numbers/… behind…

Sadly these days I can picture lots of folks pinning 5 stars on a hole in the ground just to watch others fall into it…

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