A 32 nx Flybywire Infinite loading

Helllo all

I try to install on my new fresh install of MSFS the a 32 nx.

No problem for install the soft. (in game and with the soft flybywire) but when i try to launch the flight i have a Infinite loading.

I cleared the Community folder , réinstall 3 time the soft but nothing.

I use win 11 last build . Mfs 2020 updated.

when i check on volanta my flight i see my plane on the airport but on my screen there a the infinite loading.

Someone have an idea .?


Hi @WhyteBoatFr,

The purpose of the #bugs-and-issues categories is to discuss issues that affect the base simulator. Please do not discuss issues with third-party addons or modifications in this category. These should be filed via the developer’s preferred support method.

All issues caused by, or involving third-party addons/mods should be reported to the third-party developer.

Therefore the topic was moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft .

Use the latest dev build.


I have the same issue unfortunately.
I will wait for a new stable fix.

After flying the standard 320 I can’t wait for the fix :rofl:

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Hi @ITDreamFly

Thank you for your advice . I moove my topic.

i prefere use the stable version ,) but ty for your advice too.

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Normally I do use the experimental Version, but since few days, I have extremely long or infinite loading times for a flight.
I already re-installed the sim, with no effect.
Now I do uninstall and reinstall the A32NX FBW before starting the sim.
The A32NX FBW is so important for me, please find a solution for this issue.