A 320 dives nose down on approach

On 4 of my last 6 flights with the A320 the plane dives nose down approx 5000 ft. above ground with managed speed of 200 knots and flaps 0.
Just when i set the next lower altitude the plane falls out of the sky. Even with autopilot off i still had minimal rudderauthority. The plane tried to save itself by trimming 100% up. The only way to save this is to go to manual trust.
When i am then able to reach the glideslope with manual trust and flaps the plane begins to fall down again when i set the autopilot, managed speed and approachmode. The trim on the glideslope is with 82-90% up very high. Then when the plane starts falling with approachmode again, the autopilot increases the rpm for a moment an the speed goes up to 170knt to correct and so on… With this behavour it is not possible to use autothrust

Is this with the stock aircraft or are you using some sort of mod version?

This is with the flybywire mod. But as much as i know, they have not yet done anything to the air-performance of the plane.

Try flying it again without the Mod, see what happens. Regards.

I have excessive nose-down pitch on the airbus while locked on the glide slope in auto-pilot with auto thrust. I also seem to have excessive speed from the auto throttle. I found that by extending the spoilers reduced my speed to a fairly normal rate but still higher than normal. It also improved the pitch down situation which is extremely excessive and silly.

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I tried with the original plane. It climbs faster especially at high altitudes and it dit not dive with managed speed on approach. So then i think the flybywire flightmodel is diffrent and it has to do with the changes in the mod.

I have also this problem and I removed Flybywire V0.4.0. After two fly no problem, also no more problem of stability during flare. Wait and see…

I also removed the FBW mod. It is great work, but until the Sim stabilises and the mod team get to grips with parameters, the lack of predictability and ultimate flight failures eats up too much flying time for me.

I have the bug with default version as well, no change with or without the FBW mod

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Interesting. I hope it is not something like the black screen bug, witch occured near other aircrafts. Its really like pulling a plug and suddenly the plane falls out of the sky.

do you use “Legacy” or “modern” flight model ? If you select legacy you will experience these kind of problems on approaches as well.

I use modern flight model. Could be related to the other autopilot gone rogue one approach problems, because it happend allways while flying the last leg of a STAR.

Exact same problem here. Everything goes crazy at approach exactly as you described. I have tried with and without A32NX mod (stable and developer versions), I only use modern flight model. This problem really got worse after the latest update. I could accept this happening somethimes but for me it is now happening everytime I use managed speed -mode at approach/landing. Landing is possible using selected speed -mode but even then theres sometimes odd behavior like thrust going full for no obvious reason.

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Thx for your description. I was lucky with my last flights, without changing anything. So maybe it comes and it goes.

But when this bug happens the behavior of the plane is so far off, this has nothing to do with flightmodel. My bet is on a interference with something on the ground like the black screens or the camera bug, because it only happened for me on approach.

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