A 320 Nx

Good evening
Impossible to put the brake on max in landing phase only the medium and lo works
2nd problem: the plane moves forward by itself even when the levers are on 0 ???

You wouldn’t want to land with Max even if you could select it, unless you like peeling your face off the windshield.

Max is only for take-off in case of a reject. low/medium is for landing.

Most planes have the problem of moving forwards on their own at idle power in this sim - the sim could be a bit better at simulating ground friction and inertia. That said, depending on the surface and the slope, the real Airbus can indeed start moving at idle.

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Good evening

That’s how it is in real life. Max can only be turned on when on the ground for Rejected Take off, for actual landing, the Max button is disabled and cannot be set. Only Medium or Low autobrakes.

That’s also how it is in real life. The A320 CFM Leap 1A engine is powerful enough for it to start rolling on the taxiway on idle thrust. Pilots use the toe brakes to keep their taxi speed in check.

The thing about A32NX mod is that, it has so many real life A320 pilots and engineers providing documentation, feedbacks, and test them so that the A320 behaves as close to real life as possible. I’ve learned to just accept whatever changes they do in that mod as “working as designed”, and I had to adapt myself to work around them, or read and learn with the proper procedures on how to fly them properly.


Thank you for your valuable advice
I did my training on tutorials and they use the max in the landing phase but I take good note of your expert advice

Then I would treat anything else in that tutorial with suspicion!

I suggest you watch a this youtube channel. He’s a real life Airbus A320 pilot, and he’s been doing a lot of tutorials that’s easy to understand.

Real Airbus Pilot on Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube


What version is working, I downloaded the stable patch, and have black screens for all the flight displays.

Stable version is outdated. Use the Development version or the Experimental custom FBW version. They’re always up-to-date daily.

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