A beautiful flight in New Zealand at Lake Pukaki (NZMN / NZUK)


Here is a flight to go to Lake Pukaki, initially I planned to go to Frankton, Otago (NZQN) but it was late at night so I changed my flight plan on the way.

In live weather, the weather is nice with a little turbulance

My flight plan completed,

I take off and engage the autopilot.

and enjoy the beautiful landscapes

I keep an eye on the navigation, everything is fine.

it’s late i will change my flight plan and land in NZUK for tonight

I am above Lake Pukaki, the color of the water is beautiful, I love this region.

I am at the destination with Pukaki (NZUK) airfield on my right, soft landing, I will go to Twizel to eat and sleep before leaving tomorrow

See you


Good times :slight_smile:

Looks like a great flight! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to going there on my current roundtrip!