A/C (Caravan) Freezes

Flying around the islands to the east of Fiji, The sim freezes for about 30 -60 seconds during the cruise. It seem to be associated with doing a FPL or Proc selection on the MFD.It did it once on the gnd whilst inputing a manual approach procedure. I have not been able to properly track down what is causing this. The A/C file & the G1000Gxi are both the latest updates.
Has anyone seen this before?

A few things come to mind:

Just out of curiosity, try hitting the Windows key on your keyboard the next time this happens. I say that because I’ve recently starting having, what looks like a freeze, sometimes when I activate the Nvidia screen recorder. I thought it was an actual freeze, so I went to activate the task manager by pressing the Windows key and, along with the Search box and task bar popping up as expected, the sim also unfroze. It has worked each time I’ve had the situation since then. The odd thing is the freeze is not consistent and sometimes it happens when I’m activating the screen recorder and sometimes when I’m attempting to deactivate it. Your situation is likely different, but you never know… Good luck!

I’ve had this happen a few times at random at several different airports and in multiple aircraft, usually while flying at low level (<2,000’ MSL): New York City and Honolulu, that I can recall, and while flying the DC Designs F-16, and the FlyingIron P-38L (just last night) and the FI Spitfire. It’s not at all consistent and has been going on since SU7. In each case, the sim freezes for 20 - 40 seconds while sound continues. If I wait long enough, the sim eventually continues as if nothing had happened. Last night it was as I was rolling in to land about 1,000’ up coming into RWY 31 at LGA in the early evening, which made for a rapid scramble to save the landing once the sim “un-stuck” itself. But as I said, it’s only happened a handful of random times since SU7. I’ve seen a few posts from others about similar freezes (not crashes!) but no obvious common threads tying them together.

I cleared the cashe deleted the file & reloaded game.
Did a flight today with no problems.
Mostly it happens at or around the same longitude, flying back to NFFN I will try it.
I remember many years ago in FSX, there was a part of the world off the coast of Greeece that the sim always froze. Turned out it was some problem with the data in that part of the world. I wonder could that be the case here as it is an area that is not flown in by simmers very often.

There have been a few cases of that data issue reported here for specific areas.
If you can confirm it, and are able to get co-ordinates, it probably warrants a Zendesk entry.

OK I will do some more checking. The flight today was uneventfull BUT I didn’t go through the same area. Will try again.

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