A Call to all

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The FS community is old and mature, and those that have been part of this for a decade or more have seen enough to appreciate MSFS enough. The rest, I am afraid, are a bunch of bandwagon fans that hopped on because of the hype, and now they are frustrated at not getting 150 FPS like their other games. I hope the development team recognizes the difference between the sentiment of the real community and the rest.

I don’t mean to oust the new entrants in this fantastic community. I am sure there are many sensible and sober young people that have joined us, and I hope it continues for a very long time.


Honestly this place has become so toxic I rarely visit these days. Its a shame because I have missed out on alot of excellent mods. That A320 mod is pretty impressive for the short amount of time those folks have worked on it.


ya, same here even though i’m still visiting fairly regulary and try to keep my ignore list updated. it’s a hassle, though - i admit.

the guys from working title are doing great things for the CJ4, too.


Im excited to check that out as well. All I need is VR and some weather improvements and Im a pretty happy camper with the sim honestly. So far my experience with weather is about 60/40 accurate which has been an improvement.

Phew! Strong stuff. And I agree with most of it.

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Sounds like my kind of read.
Info I can use - that is why I haunt these forums.
Thanks for this. I will seek it out.


You’re welcome! I’ll tell my dad, too. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


This is an issue, and I think many of those new to aviation are jumping in expecting instant arcade-game gratification like in their shoot-‘em-up games. They don’t have a basic understanding of IAS vs TAS vs GS, heading vs bearing vs course, VFR vs IFR, induced vs parasite drag, dead-reckoning vs pilotage, etc. So they blame MS/Asobo for their lack of basic knowledge and expectations, and are unwilling to put in the time and effort to learn. “But I can’t fly the 787 upside down under the Golden Gate Bridge and have my friends see my score. It’s all MS/Asobo’s fault… waaaaaah!”

It’s great that more people are interested in aviation. All the tools for learning are all over the internet, most of them free. But you have to make the effort.


I don’t see many people complaining about stuff like that. Its more of people complaining about the state of the aircrafts’ systems and the missing or severely bugged features that were showcased in the Discovery series and their presentation in the actual released sim.

Though no need to rehash all of this over and over again, just got to be patient and let Asobo do their work and hopefully start concentrating on getting the SDK finished so real simulator developers can come in and fix all the stuff that Asobo couldn’t get right.


Are forums really the place to discuss forums ?

I personally think MS would do well to migrate away from the ‘gaming’ philosophy and mindset, and push MSFS fully into the realm of ‘flight simulator’. I think it is difficult to do both, but I understand that financially MS wants the broadest market appeal possible.

Anyway, I digress…

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I just want a distinction made between the “noobs” and their complaints and the rest of us who are more experienced, yet I am nowhere near an expert, (always learning) who are complaining but have legitimate complaints and only want to see this simulator succeed.

You are 100% right though and I think I can speak for everyone, no matter what side of the fence you are on, that it was going to be the “simmers” and not the “gamers” who would make this a long term success.


I just hope there enough simmers out there to make it worthwhile for Microsoft.

Definitely one element of the big picture.
Is it a simulator? Is it a game?
Can it be all things to all men [and women]?


Yah maybe there should be an auto detect for hardware and a questionnaire for experience and them MS assigns you into the correct Forum category…lol

I jest but sort of…

That has always been the problem since the dawn of flight simulation. Though now with the 3rd parties and marketplace ability theres never been a better opportunity for a company to actually profit off a flight simulation platform. Of course it will never be up to a level of like Fortnite…( I know this from a personal experience since my kids are constantly nagging me and my wife for money to spend) but at least there is the chance that it could actually profit.

For this reason alone you have to give credit to Microsoft and Asobo. Companies and individuals don’t program a flight simulation program to make money. They honestly do have to have some level of just actually caring for the simmers they are providing the program for.

Which is why I stay out of the forums…

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I do strongly feel that room should always be made for those who are new to the genre.
After all, we were all newbie’s once. And besides without fresh blood the genre dies.

I also strongly advocate the notion that everyone, newbie’s and all, should feel free to contribute.
But with this freedom must come responsibility! Otherwise every opinion expressed risks degenerating into a race to the bottom, where the only freedom left is the freedom to impinge on the opinions everybody else.

This speaks to the heart of why I started this thread in the first place.


This is why we can’t have nice things. :frowning:

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As to the ‘is it a simulator or is it a game’ question and where Microsoft should ‘pitch’ it.
Well of course - as is their right - MS will place and promote it to best commercial advantage.
And quite right too. Because without that commercial success, simmer or gamer, we all lose.
And ironically it’s probably the ‘serious simmer’ that stands to lose the most.