A Compliment and a bit of praise

I like:

A successful flight from Booker to Benson via the places I know in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire (I have been P1 in real life over this part of England - gliders.) I took the Cessna this time (with the real panel - not one of these electronic demons!)

Anyway, I know Booker, so I didn’t bother with assists. I just taxied out to 24R, got clearance and went. After a spot of bimble, I contacted Benson (which I only know from driving past it and for its history as home of the royal flight) Came in on left base, landed, cleared the runway and requested taxi to ramp. I had the blue arrows on (I am not ashamed to admit) but what REALLY surprised and pleased me was the marshaller waiting at his post at the back of the blue box. It was good marshalling - “come forward, turn left, come forward aaannnd… Stop!”

Now THAT was good! Well done Asobo for that. Thanks! Now can you make “the wheels on the cart go round and round” please. That pushback trolley must be costing a lot in tyres! Also, I had a great laugh thanks to that Ford transit driving through my cockpit on the taxiway. So plenty of entertainment value too… As for the scenery tiles on the way there - highly recognisable except that the houses I lived in have been rebuilt :wink: At least I managed to do low passes over most of the places I know there and recognised the terrain - even if the autogen buildings are still wrong.