A couple of very simple quality of life suggestions

These probably won’t appeal so much to the die hard simmers but…

  1. When you cross over into a new town/state/area have the game briefly show the name of the town/state in the bottom right, similar to how when you enter a new area in GTA (I can hear the groans from simmers…) it tells you the name of that neighbourhood in the bottom right briefly. This would of course be optional setting and not be forced on the people most interested in realism.

  2. Allow us the option to view the world map with country names and borders visible. Yes you can easily reference it via google maps or whatever but whilst I know where most countries are roughly on the map I don’t always know what country the airport im spawning in is in (I choose a lot of airports at random). For example my knowledge of where every African country starts and ends is pretty limited compared to other parts of the world.

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Not built-in (I think Asobo has other priorities) but you can use any app with moving map for that, here are a few suggestions: SimToolKitPro (free), ProjectFly (free), Little Navmap (free), FSRadioPanel (free with ads), Navigraph (payware), FSTramp (payware), etc. Other than FSTramp, they all can be used on a tablet, so you can pinch to zoom and navigate the map as you go, or just let the app track your plane. Hope that helps!

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Great suggestions. A new and very simple one would be Flight Events, you download one .exe client, no install, just run the client and you hop on the website and you can see where you are on the planet as well as other flight events users. Benefits such as teleportation, etc…

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Didn’t know this one, thank you for the suggestion. Do you have a link? Google give me all sorts of results.

To anyone interested, I finally found the website: https://events.flighttracker.tech

Nice indeed!

Does this require SimConnect? I heard SimConnect kills performance.

It did, but the last patch should have corrected that issue.