A couple questions about flight plans

- Can I reorder waypoints on the world map?
When I have a bunch of waypoints selected, the route it generates is sometimes wacky (see below), the navlog seems like the ideal place, but you can’t drag and reorder them.

- Can I share a flight plan in game with someone in my group?
It’s a bit of a hassle to save and send the file to multiple people.
You can’t save an “invalid” flight plan that starts in the air.
And if someone crashes and spawns back on a friend, their flight plan is now gone.

- Can I add a waypoint in flight using GPS coordinates, rather than an airport code?
I have maps open when I fly, and would like to be able to add a custom waypoint after takeoff.

Speaking as a pilot, poor flight planning, no multi-monitor support, no ForeFlight support are a few reasons this to me is a game/toy and not a flight simulator.