A current article with current perspective post patch 5

Everybody here should read this

The situation will continue to get worse, and even the most staunch defenders of the MSFS situation will eventually get frustrated. 10 years will not be enough time to correct this current course.

Note that there are no screenshots to help save MSFS in this article!


More FUD to fan the flames

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Seems you have a fan.

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I predict this thread will go down in flames.

I read it earlier and to me it was a waste of time.
The authors 12 suggestions are totally unrealistic and even harmful.
Commentary from mlam (on page 2) to that article reflect exactly what i think about that.
I enjoy MSFS very very much. It is an early stage so not everything is good. I’d like to fly the Mooney again but it doesn’t work atm.
Do i waste my time venting while knowing it will be worked out in a timely manner? No. I enjoy other things in MSFS.
Are there problems? Yes there are.
Am i enjoying the product? Yes i do. Heck yeah!
It is a wonderful product (much better than what i experienced when FSX came out for example).
It attracts so many people to Flight Sims again.
And 3rd party producers will have the opportunity of their lifetime earning much more money than before.
Sure Asobo will learn a thing or two how to go on in the future without needing any external “roadmaps” what to do next.
Report problems, give feedback and let them do their job. Don’t claim you know better how to do the job.
P.S. I’m a software developer but would never give suggestions how they should handle something. It’s a different scale.


What a vapid, self-serving article and utter waste of my time…

A nothing burger…


Edit: so much for freedom of speech


I’m giving it 2 hours until unlisted.

Time enough to get the pocorn ready :wink:


Then why sell and advertise it like a finished simulator? I bought it thinking it was just like what they said and I’m sure many others did the same. I do respect the way you think but this is not fair and not everyone is ‘ok’ with being lied to. MSFS2020 is far from being finished and they are still testing stuff right now. What’s the ■■■■ problem keeping it at Beta stage? They would be receiving suggestions right now instead of rant and flames.




That read was a pretty big waste of time authored by yet another whiner without a clue. It hilariously appears the author just wanted to use the word “watershed” as much as possible because it was just learned in an adult writing class over the weekend. Sure, there are some problems with the sim but it would be a pretty good bet that most of the disastrous issues are self inflicted by people who think they understand how the hardware and Windows actually work. “I should be able to over-clock this - it works on my hacker slasher game” or “this open source freeware thing that loads at boot time surely can not be causing any problems”. From a guy that has developed commercial grade software for 35 years, this sim is an amazing bit of code. There are 10s of thousands of us who have never had a CTD or any glaring problems where there was not a workaround. We just don’t take time out of our day to whine about it. And another theme here - if paying $120 is going to break the bank for you, perhaps you could instead get one of those 50c balsa rubber band wind up planes and go throw that around in the front yard. Being part of this experience is not for you. The rest of us will patiently wait while the bugs get ironed out of one of the most complex bits of software ever written.


A well written perspective on one man’s tribulations with, and thoughts on MSFS 2020.
His remarks and the subsequent remarks that follow are though merely a reflection of
the spectrum of opinions as has already been expressed in these forums.

So, not sure what the point of the link is.


Do you know anything about Asobo Studios? I don’t think so.

If they are so noobies, why Disney, for example, choose them to develop some game titles?

They have games developed for almost all platforms that exist nowadays.

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Fire up the MSFS2020 and you will find why soon enough. It might take you less than 10 minutes :slight_smile:

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So elitist. You must be a very nice person


I’m playing with MSFS since the Alpha version. I spent more than 10 minutes on it, for sure! And I will continue spending time on it.

To solve your problems, uninstall it and go back to the “old perfect amazing sims ever”!


You know not whereof you speak…

No thank you, I don’t want to read any clickbait article that circumvents the forum CoC. I don’t share your unfounded opinions in your negative non-constructive complaining post. The sim cost me less than a decent meal (without dessert) with ‘he who must obey me’ in a medium-price restaurant. Over 500 happy flying hours already. Cost per flying hour: about 2 euros (about the price of the bag of popcorn I just put on my desk).
5,4,3,2,1… GONE


lol , to this article there is only one appropriate reply
and that is:

Ok , boomer

This is how games today works, msfs is a prime example of game as a service model.
So no they will really dont take OP article seriously.

This is new world , this game is not only for simmers it is also for gamers. If you are HC simmer return in one year when PMDG will finish their planes. Until then

I also want to stress one more thing
current cost of this game is 4eur/month
that is practically free. And fantastic value for money.