A current article with current perspective post patch 5

Oh dear!

Of course,if you wish to be taken seriously, might I suggest you take a step back, remove those
#12 clodhoppers that you are clearly wearing, and try again.
This time with a little respect for others.

“And the Oscar goes to…”

Who are you to judge which kind of person I am? Take your place and be respectful of people “dude”!


What a spectacular waste of time



“click bait”, “without dessert”, “he who must obey me” and “cost per flying hour: about 2 euros”!

Loving your stuff.
Thank [insert here your anthropomorphic manifestation of choice] for good humour.



MSFS is like a femme fatale , absurdly beautiful on the outside but very unreliable on the inside.


Well I read it (didn’t bother with the comments) and agree with others here that there’s nothing new in it. He writes "If I were ASOBO here’s what I’d do…) and gives multiple points of action.

But VOP, there’re many like you that are having many enjoyable hours with the game and MicroSoft is very very happy indeed. So ASOBO has got it right despite what some die-hard simmers say.

As I have said in other posts, the game doesn’t do it for me yet. But it does for many others and the makers are happy. And those are who deliver the money to keep the program going.

So enjoy, and let’s hope things improve enough to satisfy everyone!

Let me ask you something: Honestly, what makes you think it is ok for a developer to release a game that has so many bugs, errors, glitches and lies* as a finished 1.0?

I can use the example of Factorio devs - transparency and no fear to delay their product. It was several years under EA tag with them listening to their playerbase with nearly no problems… gradual and logical changes until they finished. It is indeed a different scale of game, but the philosophy still applies

*Live Weather system, a basic feature that is broken since day 0.


you are right

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This toxic thread needs locking.


In your opinion - you forgot to say “In my opinion”.

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There is no possible value to this thread. Please tell me the best possible outcome? What will it change?

This is a thread of subjective values with nothing to offer but argument. It needs locking.

hehe you are overestimating the state of this sim. PMDG stuff is not what I’m looking for on this sim, I just want to fly some GA stuff… do some ILS, RNAV app and right now you can’t even do it reliable… yet you are expecting complex aircrafts like PMDG arriving in a year.

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They can lock ‘negativity’ and ‘non-constructive’ threads all they want, the ■■■■■■ ratings of the game on MS Store and Steam will not go away. And they decide how many people purchase, not some idiotic forum. Heck, the more the lock threads in the biased way, the more I think about buying and refunding on Steam just to leave a negative rating to ■■■■ on them.


How about some extra pressure for MS and Asobo to finally see what’s really going on…


Thanks. Just want to point out that I have not seen any poster (not even the so-called ‘defenders’ i.e. users who won’t join in with non-constructive complaining everywhere) state anywhere here on the forum that the sim is not buggy or does not require further improvement/features. - but I doubt that it will ever satisfy everyone.

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That is fine, but it should be constructive - identify issues and vote on them, submit bug fixes, do something useful.

Frustrated rants just aren’t helpful.

So are half-assed releases…you get what you call for


I will reply with this picture to every one of these threads that show up daily.


I am not familiar with software developing. But I am studying for my pilot private license and just for fun am I taking some private lessons with a former A320 pilot. The autopilot (used in the broadest sense) of the A320 is a total mess and I wonder why this does not appear under Known Issues. And since the update about a week ago, I can’t take off with the Cessna anymore. It feels like it is too heavy, pitching up has no effect, but pitching down yes. What else is there to say or critizise? It seems totally unacceptable to me. I also wonder why I don’t get any newsletter or why in News section of the sim there is only a link to this forum. I think there should be better communication from MSFS in many ways. But I still love this sim and cant wait for it to get usable and VR-capable!


Please check the flight model hasn’t changed to Legacy. It needs to be set to Modern - this is an issue a lot of people have seen.