A Few Recommendations


First amazing job so far.!

Wish List:

  1. Remove light grey outline box from gamer tags in multiplayer sim. Just have the white text.
  2. Have a specific color text for players in your group. (Easier to spot when in high volume areas.)
  3. Wing views allow us to assign a hotkey for quick access to glance at them.
  4. Love the landing challenges and bush trips. Keep those going fun to fly with friends.
  5. Able to see custom liveries of other players. (this might be harder than it sounds)
  6. Keep doing what you all are doing and continue to improve this amazing sim.

Simply amazing JOB.

Best wishes to you all…!


i have other list - make tooltips in the cockpit disabled, option for headphones simulation toggle inside cockpit, show labels of aircraft toggle in cockpit, show labels of fauna/objects toggle opportunity in cockpit, toggle disable/enable toolbar, for this don’t blinking when look around, stop zoom when cursor activate, stop turnoff/turnon switchers levers when zooming in free look mode, and make bloom effect more real and depended of surface, add it to buildings, remove it from not mirrored area, add real moves on the sea waves objects, like landed icon 5, or boats, add contrails to high aoa and high altitude effects, remove builtrees/treldings from surface, and stop pixelation of clouds…

Hi @TwitchDeathSong & @ContrivedTea675

Rather than creating a single thread with a bunch of different suggestions, I suggest you start by searching the category to see if someone has started a topic about your idea. If they have, open the topic and click the vote button to show your support for their idea. If your idea is brand new, then create a topic explaining the feature, include the what and why.


By having a single thread for each idea, we can keep this section clean, consolidate feedback and feature requests and make life easier on other users who navigate this section (including the developers).

You can view the most wished-for ideas here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/self-service/wishlist/163/l/latest?order=votes

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I’ve made a mod with different colors and all having smaller sizes:

Also there’s a changed version of my mod:

Just pick what you like :+1:t3:

Imagine all the obscene ‘custom’ liveries you would see then. So not gonna happen.

This made me laugh, but you are probably spot on.