A Few Tweaks for Computers with Download, FMC Navigation, and In-game Crash Issues

If your installer is getting slow download speed or doesn’t start at all:

In an elevated (run as Administrator) Command Prompt, type

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=enabled 

Restart your computer after getting the “OK” result.

If you exit the installer and the download get stuck

Add or remove programs → Microsoft Flight Simulator → Advanced Options → Reset → Close the pop-up window

If your FMC/Flight Planner gives you erroneous distance & VNAV speed

Language Settings → Administrative Language Settings → Administrative → Change system locale: English (US)

Note: This action is reversible. It will affect other non-Unicode programs’ text display if their characters use different encode standards.

If you would like to extract more fps / get lower loading speed from your rig

Setting the MSFS thread’s priority in Task Manager to High Priority could possibly help you gain some performance

Launching MSFS as Administrator will not make any difference. (similar to all the other the UWP programs)

If you experience random crashes

Please note that this list is not exhaustive as we all have different hardware & software environments. I hope my advice will give you some inspiration solving your problem.

Run service.msc → Ensure “Windows RPC Service” is set to Enabled(Auto) and is running

Your antivirus/firewall software might be the cause of MSFS crashes (Norton in my case)

In Antivirus Settings: Add C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ to the auto protection exception list

In Firewall Settings: Default Block Web Services on Devices – Change to Allow

Default Block Windows RPC – Change to Allow

To solve your own crash issue, I would suggest to first investigate from antivirus software logs and Event Viewer. You may also want to enable UWP auto dump (www.meziantou.net/tip-automatically-create-a-crash-dump-file-on-error.htm) in case you are submitting a troubleshooting ticket.

I hope this post saves you some time before your frustration level gets too high. Enjoy! :smile:

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