A few wishes from the devs

  • Missions
    Like flying fishers up to Alaska, hauling cargo or extinguish bush fires. This so you can keep regular gamer’s playing, and not only simmers. Gamer’s need goals and something to constantly aim for. Just flying around is not enough to keep up their interest.

  • Livery editor
    So users can paint new liveries they can share. Maybe this is not a good idea, so we don’t have X-rated or other graphical content on planes? But there could be a community based approval system or similar?

  • Community help with shaping the World
    My home city doesn’t look anything like it does in real life. All buildings are generic and the ground is extremely uneven. If you would allow for people to help with building and adding 3D models, shape the ground where needed and so on… this could evolve into a very accurate representation of the World.
    So every building some community member makes is labeled and inserted into a database. Then other members can browse these assets to find the best match (or make their own) and place or replace them where there are supposed to be. There are loads of missing landmark buildings in Sweden alone for example.

  • Cheaper assets in the Marketplace
    I realize that companies are free to set what ever price they like, but those only cater to hardcore simmers. If the prices where cheaper or the packages larger with more content, maybe more people would buy them?

  • 3D models that represent the country your in
    I just flew out in the Japanese countryside and the buildings there look nothing like they should. Not sure if Asobo made any attempt to make buildings based on different countries or simply generic in general. I mean, the generic houses in Japan should look a lot different than the ones in the US.

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