A few wishlist items

  1. oh god shared cockpit plz
  2. make water/belly landings more realistically possible with crashes on
  3. more consistent live weather, sometimes it’s perfect sometimes its nothing like outside at all
  4. proper G1000
  5. a bunch of frequencies are wrong in Australia, especially for uncontrolled airfields.
  6. PLEASE can we have some way of accessing the leaderboards for the challenges without having to play them, this should be really obvious haha


About the demand for „more realistic water belly landings“:
After the successful landing on the Hudson, a new checklist was introduced for double engine failure at low altitudes for the Airbus A320 and we were trained for that procedure in the Simulator. We were told however, that the simulation would stop immediately after touching the water. Why? Because for anything to be simulated realistically, there needs to be data that this simulation is based on. Most of the flight characteristics of a simulated aircraft are derived directly from test flight data, some are interpolated from that said data and others, maneuvers that no test pilot in his right mind would attempt are more or less guesswork, if implemented at all. So, in order to have true realism when it comes to water landings, there’d need to be a lot more of those. Quite naturally, none of the big manufacturers is too keen on ditching a fair number of their multi-million dollar planes for more realism.
One can argue that more of the guesswork method could be used, but would that meet the demand for realism? Could be, but I guess not… especially the transition from one medium (air) to another (water) involves innumerable variables, entirely new physics simulation for that one instance of ditching alone.
As for me, I can live with MSFS not being able to simulate something a modern authority-approved professional sim cannot deliver either…

Hi there,

I am closing this topic because we try to keep only one request per topic, and many of these points have dedicated topics for them.

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