A global solution for the world-wide spike & elevation artifacts introduced by Update 1.12.13

I honestly would not expect an official fix for this until the next scheduled update, if they even bother to fix it then. So far Asobo have not considered landscape glitches to be high priority. Hell, it’s taken massive community outcry for them to even consider major CTD issues a priority for hot fixes. This will hold us over well until the next update. Or maybe the next one after that…

Good work on finding the problem. Thank you for your effort. I think I speak for many simmers here saying that we appreciate the effort you put into this.


I guarantee they will, they may even do a hot fix

I hope to see a hot fix, but so far, Asobo have only issued hot fixes when there were widespread crash issues, and even then, only after a massive community outcry. They’ve typically let things like scenery glitches fall by the wayside. They eventually fix them, but to date they’ve not been a high priority.

I know they’ll eventually fix them. Perhaps since they’re so global in nature this time, vs being very localized, it will light a fire under their asses and we’ll see a fix next patch. But I’m not expecting a fix before next patch at the earliest.

In the meantime, the mod I posted above fixes the issues globally using Asobo’s own pre-patch files. I’m good with that.

@ mappamundi

I downloaded your patch from flightsim.to and noticed some puzzling anomalies.

  1. I’m pretty sure is a mistake - the \CGL\022 files are all actually in the \CGL\033\022 folder.
  2. There are three files in the \CGL\BASE folder all of which are binary identical to the current asobo files.
  3. The are quite a few non vecn*.cgl files that have been rolled back, for example \CGL\313\vgm101.cgl, \CGL\313\vgm101.cgl, \CGL\313\vgm101.cgl and \CGL\313\vgm101.cgl - there are quite a few more.
    It was my understanding from your OP that only the vecn*.cgl files were affected. Are the rollbacks to these other files intended and if so would you care to share your reasoning for including them.


Yep I noticed 2 & 3 myself & was having a file cleanup. They don’t seem to be breaking anything that I’ve noticed but the world is big so who knows. They’ll be removed if I do a new version.

Good spot re the 022 directory. Clumsy drag & drop error probably. Fortunately 022 bing tiles are in the middle of the pacific somewhere.

I’m also looking at deleting some of the cgls for the US as 1.12.13 apparently fixed some areas & my mod re-broke them. I just need lat/lon for the areas affected & can work out the bing tiles & hence the files to delete.

Edit: a new version is up

There’s a good question if this fix will ruin the fixed Alpes shapes:

I’m pretty sure they know what went wrong. The question is if they know how to fix the problem effectively, that is without having to do a complete rollback, as they updated the elevation maps for a reason.

There are spurious spikes also in the Alps. But I still prefer them as they are now even with a few spikes here and there. However elsewhere, the spikes are looking bad.

Did anyone heard back from Zen regarding this issue ?

My fix shouldn’t affect elevation changes as I only roll back the vecn*.cgl files. The dem*.cgl were last updated by Asobo on 24/11/20 & my fix doesn’t touch these. Anyway try it to see. Simply delete it from your community folder if you dont like the results. I’ve added a link to the OP for better visibilty.
Being Thursday and all maybe we get a development update today with official news :crossed_fingers:


Would be nice to hear from Asobo on this issue. We shouldn’t have to edit files ourselves - Asobo should be pushing out a hotfix for us.

Negative; they’re still out for the holidays. Next dev update is on Jan 7

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Great work, thanks very much for taking the time to help the community.

Sometimes they just update the data because they received new data. I don’t know what their policy is for checking data they get from vendors. If it’s like my company, upper management decided, to save money on hiring quality inspectors, to expect the vendor to deliver good parts :roll_eyes: … egad :upside_down_face: :grimacing:

For instance, they talked about how they upgraded the DEM data for the US update. In my eyes, I liked it better before the new update around where I fly (Northeast). But, I can’t quantify that totally. But, for example, It seems like parking lots all became small hills bounded by their edges. And buildings (that I used to use for landmarks in the pattern) that used to be spot on disappeared and became pictures on the ground. I have submitted examples of this to Zendesk, and it’s been marked solved. If fixes get integrated in the next year, I’ll be happy.

Tried this fix, put the extracted main file into the Community folder. Tested with the Aspen landing challenge and the peaks were no longer there, so it works, but as soon as I went to go back to the main menu I got my first ever CTD. So, gonna have to remove it. Anything I did wrong?


I would suspect a coincidence more than correlation. A lot of people who never experienced CTDs before have been getting them randomly since last patch. I’m one of those people. The only CTDs I’d experienced were from known issues like the VFR map after the Japan update and the Carenado planes. Outside of those known, widespread CTD issues, I never had a single one since this last patch. Now I can have several per day.

I’d recommend keeping the fix in place. If you see regular CTDs, try removing it. But I’d be surprised if this mod was the cause of the crash.

Yep, what Crunchmeister71 said.
I just tried it a couple of times with my mod & no problem other than a bunch of glowing orb streetlamps floating a few hundred feet above ground which were there without the mod as well. But gadzooks! all the terrain spikes on one of their showcase activities…
Congrats on your 1st CTD btw. You weren’t running the workingtitle mod for the CJ4 by any chance? It was causing CTDs for me.

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Nope. Only mod I have is the Airworthy Designs Saint Martin Princess Juliana Airport and surrounding area mod. I removed your fix and tried again and no crash. Even after this most recent update I’ve put plenty of hours in and no crash until trying the fix today. I’m just relaxing now but will try it again either later today or tomorrow and report back.

OK, just tested again. Did the Aspen challenge twice and returned to menu and this time no CTD. Also tried another challenge then also flew around near Kyoto. No spikes and no crashes. So yeah maybe it was just a one-off. Thanks for the mod! Going to use it for now until Asobo corrects the issue :+1: