A good tutorial on window textures? Or does anyone have tips?

Is there any good tutorial on how to create window textures? (fake inside, reflections and night texture)
Preferably it uses ModelConverter X. (since that’s what I’m using)

I found an old tutorial from the FSX days, but it baked the reflection texture in it. I believe MSFS has actual reflections? Is there anything more up to date? :smiley:

like how do I make these look like actual windows:

I managed to make the windows reflective now.
Does anyone have a tip to make them look more realistic?

What color code should I use for a tipycal skyscraper window?
What reflection value would you suggest? (currently 10, I found 100 way to high)
Is it worth it to create a parallax texture for a 20m tall building? (assuming parallax is what I think it is, a fake interior?)

reference: Administration center Aalst