A little more recognition for deluxe and premium deluxe buyers?


I would like to suggest paying a little more credit to the buyers of the deluxe and premium deluxe versions.

They have all paid full price and have made no special appreciation since it was released. All bug fixes, addons and improvments so far are for the 4€ gamepass users only/too/the same way.

I think Asobo/microsoft should respect the engagement of this buyers a little more intensive. I see this versions also as an equivalent to season passes in other games. What about a exclusive new aircraft each quarter for that loyal buyers for example?

For now the 4€ gamepass player has no incentive to upgrade their version in my opinion.

So what do you think about that subject?


that’s just what we need. more elitism in gaming. I paid full price for the base version. I threw my hat in the ring to be selected for the beta like everyone else. Just because some people decided to pay more money for the same game that has only a few more planes doesn’t mean they should get anything more. They already have 5-10 more planes and 5-10 more airports than the base game users


You paid more because you wanted the additional content these versions provided, its that simple and it doesnt entitle you or any other deluxe or premium buyer to special treatment.


If I could downvote your idea I would. You (and me) paid for extra content, not for special service.


The only thing I wish as a premium deluxe buyer is Asobo opens up access for community development on the additional planes, especially the 787.


I paid for the Premium version.

I do not want special treatment.

I have more content.

What I want is more single engined content.

A GPS system that I can easily program in a standalone plug in and import the trips, you know as I would if I was to use the import from SD card in a real in aircraft GPS.

Regardless of how people pay for the game all should be treated equally, suggesting otherwise is beyond unpleasant.

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Thank you for your feedback, those are truly really interesting social considerations. You never stop learning.


the most i’ve gotten for being a beta tester was a livery. and it hasn’t even shown up in game yet for whatever reason. It’s really not that big of a deal to me honestly. it’s a skin, so what? I’ll stick to my Hello Kitty A320 thank you…

This isn’t going well for you lol

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