A little suggestion - Logbook Popup

I really like this simulator and flying every day. The work has been spectacular but nothing is so good that it cannot improve.
Every time I finish a flight and start turning off the systems to check abandonment, before the engine/propeller stops, that ■■■■ screen pops up asking me if I want to continue, exit to the main screen, etc. :angry: :angry:
Asobo could delay the appearance of this screen a little or simply eliminate it. For me, it kills immersion instantly.

Think about it…

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You can vote for this very thing!
I urge you to do so.

How do I do this, CaptainLIF?

The vote for this is somewhere in the Bugs and Issues section.
Sorry I can’t be more specific than that.
Somebody please help us out here!

I have had a quick search and cannot find the vote anywhere.
However I did find this, checkout item #08 [click on the list]:


We will just have to be patient then for this.
But make no mistake I, and I hope, 959 others will be holding MSobo’s feet to the fire on this one!

Hi @Ricardo20209207,
This has been brought many times by everyone, including myself! As this isn’t a bug but rather by design, there is a wishlist for this here that you may want to cast your vote on:
Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The developers have indicated they are working on improving this.

Thank you @anon81017491 for assisting!

Closing this topic so it does not split conversions on a wishlist topic.