A Lot of new "Not Installed" in Content Manager

Just went to Content Manager after updating to 15.8 and there is 727 items Not Installed. Any ideas? Can Select them but no option to Download/Install.

I too just noticed 1 not installed item in the content manager.
I must add that it is a community mod and that I currently have only 1 community mod in my folder.

Is there a bug related to community mods? Are those 727 all mods?

Yes they are. They are a mix of Repaints and Scenery. Question for the Devs is, why are they showing as Not Installed?

My bad, it includes ALL Community content including Mobiflight/Spad.Next WASM Modules, Working Title, etc

Game bugs…
The ASOBO ones have already reported them, the game does not see them but they are present and usable anyway, at least it is so for almost everyone

WASM modules are at odds with the new update, they are currently not to be used :pensive:

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