A Love tribute to the Carenado Beech D18 and Flight Simulator, inspired by the Movie Aviator

Hi simmers,

Hope you’ll like this video like I’m enjoying the sim so much right now! Even if It was a bit of a struggle to do this on Xbox Series X, with no replay cam, but I think the result is not too bad, I hope at least :slight_smile: And maybe it will give you idea^^

Happy Flying!


That’s awesome!

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Good effort :+1::+1:

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Thank you very much :pray:t3:

Thanks a lot :pray:t3: Put some time and love in it!

Ha ha - that was amazing! Totally made my day! Thank you!

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Very nicely done, @davidkenobi!

I love the period broadcasts, and the Tootsie Roll commercial. Superb.

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Amazing, thank you!

Thanks a lot! I definitely look for a radio show of this period and surprisingly it was not that hard to find!